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It’s Official: Keystone XL Pipeline Is Dead



Marchers take part in the Forward on Climate rally on February 17, 2013 in Washington DC, the largest climate rally in U.S. history | It’s Official: Keystone XL Pipeline Is Dead | featured

After years of trying to get Canadian oil into the US, the Keystone XL pipeline is officially dead. On Wednesday, developer TC Energy Corp. and the Alberta provincial government conceded that the project is shutting down.

Actually, TC and Alberta already knew their time was up when President Joe Biden revoked their permit to cross into the northern US borders. After that, they knew this day would come.   

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Environmentalists Rejoice Over Keystone XL’s Demise

The Keystone XL shutdown marked a historic win for environmentalists. For more than a decade, activists made Keystone XL a rallying cry against fossil fuels.

Groups joined together to campaign against pipeline construction, saying that excessive oil consumption is the heart of global warming. Keystone XL became the unlucky symbol of Big Oil’s excessiveness. 

TC Energy said little about the pipeline’s shutdown. It said that Biden’s earlier decision doomed the project’s viability and that it made a comprehensive review that concluded in terminating the project.

“We value the strong relationships we’ve built through the development of this project and the experience we’ve gained,” CEO François Poirier said.

Instead, TC will now concentrate on growing its business of shipping and storing natural gas, liquid fuels, and power. These cleaner fuels hope to address the growing demand in North America.

Rise Of Fossil Fuel Activists

Activist groups such as spearheaded the opposition against Keystone XL. They hailed TC’s decision to shutter the project and then owed to having other pipelines shut down as well.

Currently, they are campaigning for Wall Street to limit the rates of fossil-fuel extraction. This includes barging into boardrooms, where they helped activist investors gain board seats at Exxon Mobil Corp. earlier this month.

“When this fight began, people thought Big Oil couldn’t be beaten. But when enough people rise up, we’re stronger even than the richest fossil-fuel companies,” ’’ said Bill McKibben, founder. 

Emboldened by Keystone XL’s downfall, proptester are looking to pressure other Canadian pipelines to shut down. Last Monday, Minnesota protesters clashed with police as they protested Enbridge Inc’s Line 3 artery construction.

They got support from Michigan, where Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is attempting the revocation of a permit allowing Enbridge to transport oil and natural gas under the Great Lakes.

Canadian Oil Setback

Canadian oil producers and the Canadian government suffered a major setback with the revelation of Keystone XL’s permit.

Prior to his election, both parties asked Biden to save the $8 billion project they initiated last 2008. Instead, they continued receiving a slew of court challenges until finally deciding to shutter the project.

Presently, the Canadian oil industry suffers from falling prices, It counted on Keystone to help turn their fortunes around. Instead, Biden snubbed them in favor of activists by saying more crude coming into the US is in conflict with their objective in fighting climate change. 

“We remain disappointed and frustrated with the circumstances surrounding the Keystone XL project, including the cancellation of the presidential permit for the pipeline’s border crossing,” said Jason Kenney, premier of Alberta.

The province invested $1.1 billion in the project. With the shutdown, they will now absorb the loss. However, the government said it would continue to explore options to recoup the money.

Economic Fallout

Biden’s decision to revoke Keystone XL’s permit nullified former President Donald Trump’s approval. However, TC Energy failed to complete construction in the US by the time Biden arrived at the White House.

As a result, TC had to hope that Biden will OK a continuance. Instead of resuming, they now have to announce the cutting back of 1,000 construction jobs. As a result, many GOP members in the Senate and GOP states filed suit to revoke Biden’s veto. 

Montana’s attorney general Ahustin Knudsen still remains incredulous over the loss of jobs and revenues. “It’s a disgrace President Biden played politics and killed the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The pipeline would have enhanced America’s energy independence while bringing much-needed jobs, tax revenue, and economic development to rural communities in Montana and across the country,” he said.

Knudsen and Montana are leading the lawsuit against the Biden White House. Texas and 22 other states also joined in the filing of the complaint.

Watch the 12NewsNow video reporting that the Keystone XL Pipeline is dead after President Biden revokes permit:

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Do you agree with the termination of the Keystone XL pipeline project? What do you think of TC energy’s decision to focus on clean fuel such as natural gas? Do you support the greening of America?

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  • Amy Schuett says:

    Total Bullshit . . .

  • Vicki Young says:

    Green energy can not supply US needs. We are going to get gas from somewhere we might as well be independent rather than making other countries rich. AMERICA FIRST!!!

  • Susan says:

    All they have done is kill jobs and raise prices. We do not have an alternative at this time, so the low and middle income people are the ones effected. But big govt no longer cares about us. They would rather make sure the activists are happy.

  • JJ says:

    Look to history of Germany in 1930’s. Hard to believe a few short months ago this once great nation was Energy independent. By the way when all those folks plug there electric vehicles in , could be tens of thousands, who knows for the night how will we supply the needed generation. Oh America solar farms don’t work when sun goes down! Also all these restaurants that can’t find folks that will work, what is happening to our lovely environment while all these internal combustion engines are lined up around the restaurant idling! Wake up America.

  • Pamela A Howe says:

    Its a bunch of crap! Biden administration is running America into the group. Just think we were independent with Energy prior to this stolen election. We need your business man back!!

  • Carol says:

    Disgusting. Something must be done to get this pipeline open again. We must turn to God to stop all this evil.

  • Jimmy R Young says:

    A fuel supply that we can control is important to the security of the US. Green energy is not that at this time nor will it be in the near future. I do not want our tanks in a war setting on the side of the road waiting for a recharge of 9 hours. Also I have seen electric cars being hauled in by wreaker out of juice.

  • Nelson says:

    Ignorance and stupidity will already be rampant in the human race! Electric cars,trucks ; planes and trains are fanciful ; but in the end are a total joke!
    The idiot environmental Turkey jerks are living in a bubble existence and devoid of reality.

  • Kimberly A Kook says:

    Not at all – so much for being independent – the childish behavior in our Government needs to stop and start working to keep America Safe, Free, and the country that I grew up in – I don’t like where our country is heading and this is just one example. I don’t think that people realize that we aren’t becoming green when we need coal to produce the electricity to support the use of batteries, and what do you do when your battery dies – Lithium can’t just be disposed of in Landfills and is it harmful to earth – so much for Green….

  • NotBuyingIntoThePropaganda says:

    How long will we put up with eco-terrorists forcing their bad ideas on the majority? Most of these people who are pushing the green energy agenda are wealthy entitled narcissists who have no clue how the majority of the nation lives. They don’t care that most have to work to survive, and public transportation is neither available not wanted in many parts of the country. Our cars are necessary, and most wouldn’t give them up even if there was an alternative. The electric grid is already failing us, and if even 1/4 of our internal combustion vehicles were replaced by electric vehicles, the whole grid would collapse under the strain… EVs aren’t a low voltage proposal like a laptop, and require HUGE amounts of power to charge.
    We need to start letting these people, as well as our “elected representatives” , know that our ability to tolerate their bullying and extortion is reaching an end… We’ve lived and let live long enough, but soon it won’t be a matter of putting up with a different philosophy, but rather a matter of defending our right to live without giving up everything that we have. If they want green let them go live off grid somewhere, but don’t expect me to accept their attempts to make me do so!

  • Rosalie Santarlas says:

    Remember what happened in Texas??? No power in a hurricane!!! So much for Biden’s green energy.

  • Joseph Gargano says:

    I believe Biden should it down to appease the radical left and green new deal which will decimate our nation ! Biden is a globalist and puts foreign countries like China ahead of America! I Three more years of his anti American policies America won’t be the the America that our fathers and grandparents fought to protect! God help us ✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Craig Blake says:

    For all the Brain Dead People who believe that there is no problem with our planet need to get their head out of the sand. The people that want this are the Rich; that don’t care about anything but how rich they will be. They have people believing all this crap that it’s good for everyone. Get a life and seriously look at the issues. It’s like preaching to the choir, too many idiots believe this is good for all. Open your minds to the truth and check the facts before you become Sheep and destroy what is the future of Children and what we know as out Planet. The Facts are out there if you are able to Read.

  • Election BLOWOUT Coordinator 7M says:

    Every comment I read on here is sickening. We keep pulling from the earth without adding anything to it..

    Take, take, take..!

    And the people who are the most adamant about pulling and taking more are simply descendants of the thieves who stole it.

    The pipeline sits on sacred graves of MY ancestors, who were here way before and will be here waaay after..

    The evangelicals out there in the crowd might remember a Bible story about two women who were fighting over a child, and one was willing to cut the child in half to settle the dispute. That’s how you know who the rightful owner is, the one who’s unwilling to do that type of damage. That’s the one who loves it.

    Learn from that, MAGAts.

    PS. Debunk files:
    It’s hard to contrast gas prices from a year ago (when no one was traveling) when demand was really low, with today’s circumstances, what people are finally coming out the house and want to travel, keeping demand high while still facing covid-19 based logistics supply challenges.

    You can’t bring the future back! Since the late 70s we have put off the opportunity to lead the way in renewable energy. We can’t keep waiting. That caveman era thinking and Industrial age approaches like oil, coal, and rubbing sticks together for warmth are going the way of the dodo bird, as they should. I can imagine this comment room consists of 60+ year olds and up with a few brainwashed offspring sprinkled in the mix..

    It’s easy to rattle off some soundbite from the disgraced former guy, but have you ever seen anyone who has WORKED on the pipeline? They have extremely high rates of cancer and shorter life expectancy. As an insurance broker, their premiums are sky high because it’s a very dangerous job..

    Have you ever SEEN a coal mine worker? Many of them can’t even speak because what their line of work is done to their lungs.

    If the Earth gets 2 degrees warmer, we’re going to end up paying, big time..

    And the best solution that this room can come up with is to turn on the heater.

    Mind blogging and baffling at this point but I cannot say it’s surprising.

  • George King says:

    Biden is not for American he shuts down keystone pipeline and lets Russia open up there’s where is the activist about that our government is like modern day romans and organized crime don’t care about us all they care about is power money and keeping our country divided

  • Don Larson says:

    Nation is swimming in Oil. Thousands of Wells Capped and can be reopened. At on point a year ago; the price of a barrel of Oil dropped below ZERO! The Games Politicians Play! Follow the Money!

    Friggin Fracken has NEVER been profitable. Do the Research! Don’t be a Moron and accept Propaganda. All alleged Capitalist Corporations are LIARS!

  • Beverly says:

    No I think it was wrong to close it, especially since it killed so many jobs before there is even replacement and/or affordable electric cars and trucks that are suppose to be better for cleaner air. I hope the law suits make them reopen for now.

  • Christian says:

    Here’s what I still don’t understand:
    Why did Biden kill the Keystone, yet give his “blessing” to a pipeline in Russia? Does he have friends who are going to make $$$ on that one? Does Hunter have his hands in it? It would lessen the pain if we had high-paying jobs ready for the Americans who lost their jobs, but we don’t. On top of that, green fuels aren’t where we need them to be for a smooth transition. So not only are we losing out because of the jobs, we’re losing out because of the loss of energy providing Cresources.

  • William R Phillips says:

    Hey election blowhard I want to know exactly what you have put back into the earth. Are you self sustaining or do you shop all the time and eat out. Do you understand how non-green you are? I bet you live in a city and would like to see more buildings put up, more concrete put down and more trees and grass killed to do so. All this electric bullshit is crazy. These stupid activists and politicians are putting the cart before the horse. In other words for your stupid ass, this means you don’t go buy a wagon if you have nothing to pull it with. Biden is killing this country in a short amount of time.

  • Cathy says:

    Biden doesn’t -and never will make any sense – just like this RIGGED 2020 election! What was once right is now wrong; and what was always wrong is now right. The man has health issues and should NOT be running our country. He is all WRONG to be in the WH. Nothing he does makes sense or has been any good for our nation. His administration is kooky and no one knows what they’re doing, making this country a free-for-all. The USA used to be admired and respected for our morals and agenda toward keeping it a great, safe place to live. But now we have become a JOKE and the other countries KNOW it.

  • CZR2181 says:

    REVOLUTION it’s time for the revolution that the Democrats are driving our children out of schools will not learning the economy is in the toilet three-quarters of the country are not inoculated for covid and yet here they are still trying to force a schools open force people to socialize with other races that are not getting INOCULATED HERD MENTALITY WILL NEVER BE REACHED YOU CONVINCED BLACKS THAT THE COVID SHOT DOESN’T WORK stop it already Revolution we need to get rid of every single Democrat they need to be removed either by force by Bullet?/BOMB or by Revolution

  • Passed off Paul says:

    All that this presentation administration has done is to weaken the U.S.A. THIS not only by its energy policy’s but also trying to separate all the races from each other. Who the hell is running this country?

  • joet says:

    its about time. How would you like it if I ran a pipe over your grand parents grave.

  • Warren Hendricks says:

    Unfortunately, the Democratic Party of this country have lost their minds. Nobody in the world can disclaim benefits of “clean energy” where it can be utilized. But at the rate the Biden Administration is turning this country Socialist, where the government controls every aspect of our lives rather than put a plan in place to reduce fossil fuels over a reasonable amount of time. I would bet a million dollars to anyone proving the world will end in 12 years. The creator decides on the future of this planet, as he/she/it has been doing for the last 4,000,000 years. if any of you young activists would do some research to see the % of oil used for fuels versus ALL the other uses provided by oil, most of you would not be driving your electric cars on asphalt highways, wear many of the plastic items you are now wearing, lubricating all your toys, etc. etc. etc.
    I hope sincerely that you all get your wish and you all cause the immediate elimination of oil and gas production. No other country that produces it will follow suit and you can live with the cost of fuels, plastics, etc. produced in foreign countries and pay the price they want to charge. Biden can’t print money fast enough, and the value will be worthless. HAVE A HAPPY, CLEAN and POOR life.

  • EDWARD MOODY says:

    it is sad to see our dumb president take away the jobs of many people .not to mention the food from children and their parents .since biden is plugging the pipeline lets see how far up his a– we can shove it ???????????????????????

  • Anonymous says:

    Biden is at fault for whats happened and happening now to our great country.
    He needed to be gone the next day after being vote President..
    He has no clue!!!!

  • Rod Thompson says:

    What great comments all of these people posted! I spent 20 years as a U.S.A.F. Fighter Pilot defending this country against any and all aggressors, and now the aggression comes from within our country itself! We need to TAKE BACK our beloved country and kick these socialist, American hating idiots out of here, either at the election box or by brute force. It is a total embarrassment what we are sitting back and letting this country become. Let’s take it back while we still can! I listened to Biden talk about his talks with British Prime Minister Johnson, and he bumbled the teleprompter in two sentences to the embarrassment of the whole country. His brain is done!

  • norma miller says:

    Only GOD can do that prayer

  • Tanya Hicks says:

    Too many Democrats who support Biden’s thoughts. You voted him in, now live with it. You knew it was coming. Even the whore (VP) was laughed out of another country. I will do everything I can do to keep our lives the way it was before the idiot Democrats rigged the election. Just can’t believe you idiots couldn’t hear or see what was right in front of your eyes and ears. All of you will reap Biden’s stupidity! Loss of jobs is just the beginning. Bread lines, just the beginning. Open your eyes America – Ship Biden & that whore to another country.

  • Shashoe says:

    To: Election Coordinator Blowerout 7M
    Your head is in the wrong place. So, forcing people to buy vehicles they can’t afford is okay with you? Keystone did not go through the graves of “your” ancestors. They went around them. There is no way this country is going to be ready for electric vehicles in 8 years like the idiots are planning. There are no charging stations and if they force electric vehicles on everyone, be prepared to see a lot of broke down vehicles on the highways because the batteries ran out of their charge. There’s no way those vehicles can take a 200 mile trip without a charge. That ends vacation traveling. I also think you need to do a little more studying on gas prices. They were low last year but they were steadily coming down before COVID. During COVID, prices were at the lowest ever. In my area, they were $1.99 and we’re one of 5 states with the highest gas taxes.

    You don’t like Trump and blame everything that’s wrong with this country on him. I get it but you can’t blame him for what the new puppet is doing to our country. He’s not the president. He’s the puppet lackey. He’s being controlled by his staffers, Pelosi, Schumer and Jill and rumor has it by Soros. This is not good. Even Mexico and Central America aren’t happy with the crap he pulled. If he doesn’t straighten up within this year, we won’t have to worry about gas and oil because we won’t be a country anymore. He’s pushing the NWO with a president of the planet. Sure, let another country (NATO and W.H.O.) have control over our lives. Is that what you want?

  • Tatsaboy says:

    It has nothing to do with green energy or appeasing the bleeding heart snowflakes. One of Biden’s top financial contributors owns one of the railroads, it’s about Biden putting more money in his own pocket.

  • S D LAWRENCE says:

    What are the over avenues to move oil throughout the country?
    How STUPID are these people?
    PLASTIC – Made with a combination of petroleum, natural gas, and COAL.
    So lets take away ALL their Prius’ – mostly Plastic.
    All their Cell Phones – mostly plastic.
    All their Tupperware, Plastic bags, rubber tires on their cars (rubber – made through a process that requires petroleum), Wind Farms – PLASTIC components which kill MILLIONS of birds yearly – birds pollenate trees, which gives us fruit and vegetables.
    Natural gas for heating, cooking – FRACKING.
    AND THEN ASK THEM TO HAND OVER THEIR CELL PHONES, GET OFF THEIR ASSES AND STOP WAITING IN LINE AT McDonalds while they put out millions of pounds of carbon emissions into the air yearly
    I could go on and on – but you get the idea.

  • Charlie says:

    Gas is already heading to places we haven’t seen before? San Diego area is already at 4 bucks ? Lot to do with our idiot governor and propositions but none the less with Biden kissing everyone’s asses we will see 5 dollars a gallon soon ? Look for all the blackouts when we become totally green ? Libs need not respond because know one cares what you think ?

  • Thomas D Greear says:

    God is on the throne and we Americans need to pray to our Father. God bless the U.S.A.

  • Billy W says:

    When you can prove it maybe then not now . Look at what happened in Texas when it froze . no wind ,no solar . Green is coming slowly quit trying to force it on people.

  • michelle says:

    I dont support liars and thieves . I belive using the green deal is a crock and im for Make America Great . I think Biden and those in his adminastration should be in prison for Tyranny an crimes aginst humanity . they cheated and America knows it

  • Craig Blake says:

    Is there that many idiots that they believe that Russia is great for us. According to Trump they could do no wrong and he took there side over our own intelligent department. As for all the illiterate people that followed Trump look what happen to our Capital Building. Our Country needs a new source of political parties. Both are failures and Money has been the root of this Evil. If you look at Trumps past you’ll see a total idiot. Several Bankrupt situations and total failures and lying to the American people is a total disgrace to all. We had a chance years ago to fix America and we failed to get anything done. Hopefully this trend will change in time. As for the pipe line, this is all about money for the Rich. If you fill this will hurt people from working; then let our leaders know that we need to repair the broke system and start putting America back to work fixing roads and everything else broken. Open the closed Military bases and bring our troops home, this will bring most areas back to life and create more jobs. You Decide.

  • Wangsolo says:

    It’s not a matter of want, America needs Trump back

  • James Shanahan says:

    I totally believe in energy independence and supporting American jobs and production. It is hard to determine where this Biden decision ranks among so many that are basically un-American and penalize the economics of our nation’s workers and taxpayers.

  • Garnett Stokes says:

    Sick and tired of the Idiots and now Biden is leading us headlong into Socialism. This is not the America I grew up in and it stinks.

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