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Luxurious Vacations In A Budget-Friendly Way



Luxurious Vacations In A Budget-Friendly Way
Exotic Vacations

Famous rich people always seem to be going on exotic vacations.  Every time we read a magazine we see them enjoying themselves, on cruises, driving expensive cars and staying in five-star hotels.  We often envy these people and wish we had enough money to join them. 

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

It is a fact that people with average paying jobs have luxurious breaks. Perhaps, a vacation in Greece, a yachting vacation or traveling in a private jet to Santa Monica to name a few. So, how do they do it?

By going online, one can discover inexpensive vacations with glamorous destinations. There are numerous deals and here are a few:

  • Jet Suite – charter a private jet for $536 each way.
  • Avoid the line at airports for $179.
  • Vegas – great flights and hotel deals.
  • South African Safari – offseason, save 40% on the stay.
  • Sleep like Royalty – travel writing – vacation could be entirely paid for.

Millionaire’s Vacation

It is possible for everyone, on a basic wage, to enjoy a millionaire’s vacation. The Stanton South Beach’s Millionaire’s Miami Package is a chance to enjoy an opulent vacation. It starts at $8,999 for three nights.

On the vacation, one can drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari through Miami and fly in a private seaplane for lunch. Also, one can stay in a suite and enjoy a five-course Millionaire’s dinner. This package caters for people looking for a vacation to match one enjoyed by the rich and famous.

Is There An Alternative?

While most people dream of vacationing like a millionaire, there are alternatives. One can argue that not all the rich and famous are happy, well-adjusted people. If magazine articles are to be believed many are struggling with negative issues in their lives.

It is often said that the simple things in life are the most rewarding. There are healthy lifestyle choices which are beneficial to our overall wellbeing. Consider the following when planning for your next stress-free vacation:

  • Having a cup of tea/coffee with family and friends
  • Connecting with nature, on the beach, through the woods, in the park
  • Enjoying favorite music
  • Eating healthy
  • Exercising, walking, aerobics, yoga
  • Caring for family and friends, spreading the love

The United States is a beautiful country where one can go back to nature, take music on the road, access healthy food like fruit and vegetables and spend time with people one cares about. 

Roughing It Isn’t So Bad

Trek America Tours has many benefits for those who want to explore the US. It is a time-honored way of getting away on vacation.  Everything is supplied, except a sleeping bag. The ultimate pleasure on these trips is sitting around the campfire at night and sharing the day with fellow campers.

Most people who have been on this trip state that they have had a wonderful experience. The campsites are selected close to National Parks or beaches, which allows the campers the opportunity to converse with nature. One can immerse oneself in the scenic beauty surrounding the campsites.

The organizers purchase fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables along the way. Campers cook healthy meals together. They also carry out other duties around the campsite.

American and Canadian campsites provide facilities like showers and laundries.  Sometimes there are swimming pools. On clear nights, campers have the choice of sleeping under the stars.

Part of the trip involves staying in hostels or hotels in the cities. This provides a change from life in a tent. There is also an opportunity to immerse oneself in city life. 

Camping with the Family

One Mother has expounded the reasons she takes her children camping. This is despite the hard work it involves.

She states that it is important because it:

  • Teaches children to appreciate nature
  • Teaches children to value small things
  • Teaches children new skills
  • Teaches children to see the good things in fellow campers

It also helps one to escape from daily routines and to have wonderful memories to hold onto. One can also see the world on a tight budget. 

What is Happening to Popular Holiday Destinations?

While many Americans wish to experience the vacations of the rich, some are disillusioned by the actions of the millionaires.  Americans who wish to return to their preferred holiday destinations, sometimes find they have been taken over by the millionaires. This has made it impossible for the average American to return to the places they have always enjoyed.

The millionaires might have changed the corner ice cream stand into a specialty – food shop with exorbitant prices. Also, many of the inexpensive shacks are becoming $10 million mega-mansions. Similarly, many scenic beaches have become yacht clubs.

It could be argued that people have a need to interact with nature. Some say the rich are steadily denying the average American by investing in homes and land. Perhaps the gap is widening between the rich and poor concerning the choice of vacations.


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