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Get Ready for Trump’s Own Social Media Platform



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Former President Donald Trump plans to return to the social media arena but this time, he’ll be using his own social media platform. A top Trump adviser said on Fox News Sunday that the former president will be launching his own platform within the next few months. 

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Trump’s Own Social Media Will Change the Game 

Trump administration senior adviser Jason Miller told Fox News that Trump is returning to the public network soon. Instead of depending on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, he will use his own platform within two or three months. In fact, Miller expects that Trump’s platform will attract tens of millions of new users and change the game in the process. 

“This is something that I think will be the hottest ticket in social media. It's going to completely redefine the game and everybody is going to be waiting and watching to see what President Trump does, but it will be his own platform,” Miller said. 

Trump’s Twitter Problems

Earlier this year, Trump ran into trouble with some of the world’s most popular social apps. During the Capitol riots, Twitter and Facebook blocked the former President from posting on their sites in an attempt to de-escalate the tension. The apps accused Trump of furthering the violence by allegedly posting wrong or misleading information. Reportedly egged on by Trump, the mob marching to the Capitol shut down Congress and halted the certification of Joe Biden’s election. Afterward, other platforms such as YouTube and Snapchat locked Trump’s accounts as well and imposed a ban on him. 

Prior to the riots, social media companies started feeling the pressure from users to censor or restrict the President from posting inaccurate or misleading information. Some experts believe that with Trump’s massive following, anything he says or does can exert others to follow him without verifying information. When the riot broke out, the platforms started deleting Trump’s posts and prevented him from posting more messages.

Sidestepped Official Channels

During his tenure, the former President became well-known for side-stepping official communication channels. Instead, Trump opted to post his unfiltered ideas to the general public via Twitter. Initially, the social media company ignored Trump’s posts, no matter how provocative. They reasoned that despite the seeming violations of terms of use Trump’s tweets were part of public interest.   

Beginning the election campaigns last year, Twitter began taking up an active interest in Trump again. Consequently, the social company started tagging Trump’s tweets with a warning label saying that his posts contain potential misinformation. Eventually, the warning label gave way to a total ban for the former President. This shut him down from reaching out to his followers. This effectively isolated Trump from his followers. One social media, Parler, also bore the brunt of the censoring. Both Apple and Google, owners of the top two phone operating systems that power 98% of the world’s phones, banned Parler from their app stores. Before the ban, Parler was a very popular social platform for conservatives and Trump followers. 

Ban Stays in Place

Despite Trump leaving the White House for its new occupant, Twitter will continue with its ban on the former President. Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal said last month that Trump's ban remains in place. In case he ran for office again, the ban will still remain. “Our policies are designed to make sure that people are not inciting violence, and if anybody does that we have to remove them from the service and our policies don't allow people to come back,” Segal said. 

Throughout his career, Trump often criticized social platforms for their bias against conservative users. In 2018, Meanwhile, Democrats and other Liberals, however,  continue to enjoy Twitter, Facebook, and many other problems. As a result, Trump accused Twitter of only banning conservatives and censoring their content.

Watch the Reuter’s new video reporting that as early as January, former President Donald Trump already announced he will start his own social media platform:

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Will you join the platform if Trump delivers on his promise to create a new social media platform? Why or why not? Let us know what you think about this. Leave your comments below.



  • Albert King says:

    Sign me up

  • Robert E Starnes says:

    Yes, I would join anything that Mr. Trump has anything to do with it. BS I don’t belong to
    any of these other social platforms.

  • Amy L Parker says:

    Yes I miss my president please do something

  • JIM DRAPER says:




  • Tricia Hunter says:

    I will always listen to DJT when addresses our countries safety and ongoing developments. He always puts America first where Biden et al put us last. By 2024 I am afraid our country will no longer exist.

  • Alejandro Sosa says:

    Sure why NOT 😎 it’s always a pleasure to view political views from aRepublican party. Won’t hurt anyone.

  • Alejandro Sosa says:

    it’s always a pleasure to view political views from aRepublican party. Won’t hurt anyone.


    We need to beat Democrats SOUNDLY on all fronts and in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE!!
    Do unto others as they have done to us!!
    I’m betting he’ll have 500 MILLION in the first month!
    US, India, Hong Kong alone will do that!

  • Robert E Reid says:

    I can not wait and hope that the millions like me agree! I also hope that we all leave the other forums and bankrupt them.That ,as they say would be the “CATS MEOW”!

  • Keller Bachman says:


  • Ralph Mazal says:

    Sign me up

  • Charles Gordon Silket says:

    Absolutely TRUMP 2024 we need to hear truth

  • Carrie Schwartzkopf says:

    Can’t wait. President Trump has got a steel back bone and will do great!

  • Gary Cohen says:

    I’m not really interested in anything Donald Trump has to say. I have no time for “social media”, most of which is the ranting of uninformed, narcissistic attention seekers with an overblown sense of their self-importance, inflicting their alleged superior intelligence on those they consider to be their intellectual inferiors. Even after 4 years in office, Trump still hasn’t learned that there is a difference between being a corporate CEO and being the president of a national government. There is only a superficial similarity between them; there are completely different rules of engagement involved in these 2 offices. The “art of the deal” in international diplomacy is highly nuanced and Trump never cared to learn how it differs from that of the business world. He still believes that he’s the smartest man in the room in any venue where he finds himself. He never understood that, unlike in business where he could command personal loyalty, in government, loyalty was to the office, not to the office holder. The Constitution always trumped Trump, whether he acknowledged it or not.

  • Ronald T Sawyer says:

    Stop the censoring

  • Anonymous says:

    he needs to buy cnn to combat social media keep cnn as conservative news network

  • Keith Locklear says:

    By looking at the time zoin you are in, you are not in the USA. STAY WHERE EVER YIU ARE and leave the USA to the USA citizens that care and support this country. The country is a business and must be operated like one.

  • Keith Locklear says:

    By looking at the time zone you are in, you are not in the USA. STAY WHERE EVER YIU ARE and leave the USA to the USA citizens that care and support this country. The country is a business and must be operated like one.

  • Mike Cilla says:

    Absolutely joining Trump!!!! Best President Ever. We need a strong leadership and Trump has delivered.
    This country has been destroyed by the Democratic Party.We must take care of our veterans and our first responders,our senior citizens and our education department!!!! It’s starting to look like we are living in China 😷

  • Karen P R says:

    Now American Will Be GREAT AGAIN. I knew Our President Mr.Trump would never let us down. Eat that Joe Biden and what’s her face.

  • Jim Vincent says:

    Can’t wait, it’ll be the only way we will receive the truth about what’s going on in our Country! All the media feeds us is what the an-it American socialist Democrats lie about!!

  • Ken mcabee says:

    Hell yes I’m ready for some good news…sign me up!!

  • Brenda West says:

    Absolutely would join President Trumps social media, although I don’t participate in any of the others. I feel I could trust his. In my opinion he is the BEST PRESIDENT we’ve had in my time. It breaks my heart where our country is going and the worst part is knowing that the election was stolen from Trump! And the Supreme Court really let us now. Our country needs Donald Trump back !

  • Ruth Sullivan says:

    Yes I will, because I have plenty to say, and questions to ask. Who’s running our country it sure isn’t Biden has medical issues he is very I’ll and the left is using that I bet he doesn’t remember half the things he sign.

  • Marita Badman says:

    Yes I will follow Trump. They should of never took him out of office..You did make America great..

  • Mike Steeger says:

    He’s the true president Trump not this phoney that’s there somewhere in Hollywood CA. And yes I will follow Trump.

  • Milton K. says:

    We need FACTS, not Liberal/Progressive spin and Lies. Trump will tell it like it is. China will be allowed to run rampant over the U.S., so the Biden Crime Family can continue to make millions. Biden has insulted Putin, so tensions with Russia are escalating. KamelToe will SOON be The president …( God help us all ) !!! There’ll be Massive Inflation in America…..Higher prices for everything. We in the “Middle-Class” will be subjected to huge tax increases, regardless of what Biden claims. We need the voice of truth. Looking forward to what OUR President, Donald Trump, has to say !!!!

  • Debra lynn Teal says:

    Yes, sign me president, loves America and the American people

  • Tammy DeSanto says:

    Gary Cohen, Keith Locklear crawl back under that rock that you crawled out of. If you’re not going to listen to the truth just live in a dark space with the rest of the demo rats. If you can’t see now just a few weeks in to Biden being in President Trump’s office and all the horrible ridiculous thing is he’s doing to destroy this country you need to stay right under that rock and don’t bother coming out. I enjoy being free in a country where I love. I’m tired of other countries trying to come in here and make changes to the foundation that our forefathers create it for us. Please do this country a big favor crawl under the rock and never come out. This is our country land of the free freedom of speech and freedom to bear arms God help those who try to take our rights away from us. I’d be the first want to sign up to President trumps platform.

  • Janice says:

    Can’t you see what damage he has already with these socialists communists, liars, cheaters and just EVIL PEOPLE…. Can’t wait – took myself off ALL social media outlets. Thank you President Trump YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY PRESIDENT!!!

  • Emma says:

    Will be glad to know we’re getting to hear from President Trump. He may post in a language some people think inappropriate, but he’ll always give it to us straight. I believe he trusted his advisors to much, Dr (?) Fauci is and was a farce that was and is detrimental to our country. For his next presidency he needs to pull advisors from the common people, not politicians. Like President Trump, honest politicians never get rich serving our country. I will still keep the other social media, I want to know what my enemies are doing and saying. Your friends you should keep close but your enemies (as long as you remember they’re enemies) you should keep closer.

  • denise davis says:

    yes yes yes!!!!sign me up Trump is my president not the crap that is going on . i want to hear some truth instead of being fed b.s. lies miss you president Trump !!!

  • Richard Condon says:

    Yes – honesty and integrity is what we need in social media (and, of course, main stream media) before our country implodes – Rich Condon

  • Sherry Mustic says:

    We need President Trump back!,
    I will follow him anywhere…he was the best President ever!

  • Robin Flury says:

    Yes indeed I will most definitely sign up for President Trump’s new social media platform. I haven’t used social media in over 10 years because of what it has become. This is a breath of fresh air and I really look forward to it. Now I’ll be spreading this good news, can’t wait!

  • Myron Wilson says:

    I will look forward to it let’s rock and roll baby don’t let down im waiting for it

  • Jeff Richardson says:

    I can’t wait for the Trump media platform and to finally have a network that spreads the truth. Trump 2024

  • Joyce Knolle says:

    Thank you, Mr. Trump for persevering for America. You are fighting the good fight of faith, and I believe you are on God’s team to the goal line.

  • Marc says:

    I’m definitely in!

  • John Matter says:

    Absolutely, sign me up!
    President D.J. Trump sacrificed his life/style to fight like hell for the people of the United States of America, the U.S. Constitution and for the honor of all the men & women who protect America!!!!

    Who would’ve imagined we’d ever be where we are in this awesome country! You respect & honor our flag, our 1st, 2nd & all of our amendments, PERIOD! There are no loopholes or reconstruction of them.

    This is the ONE person who put himself and family out there to stand proudly and defend America to the end!!!!

    C’mon man…is a figurehead and puppet. His time passed him by years ago. President Trump is a true leader “Sleepy Joe.”

  • Anonymous says:

    I would prefer former President Trump to have his own news media, I don’t do social media. Although with the left not gaslighting us it would be refreshing if it
    ‘s filtered with the truth. Thank you for being our best President. God Bless you, Judith

  • Lisa G Brown says:

    No, I think Trump needs to let go and stay away he is like a dictators he stir things up and that’s one reason we are divided. He needs to let past be past. I didn’t like some things he did, but there are things that other president has done I didn’t like. He gets people stirred up and then they the people starts riots he is racist he only helps the ones that he knows can do something for him Trump is a BULLY.. THE REPUBLICANS ARE SCARED OF HIM, THEY DON’T DO ANYTHING TO UPSET TRUMP BUT THEN HE TURNS ON THEM IF THEY SPEAK OUT THEIR OWN OPINION THEN THE REST OF THE REPUBLICANS TRY TO KICK THEM OUT. AND YET THEY SAY FREEDOM OF SPEECH WHAT ABOUT THEM SPEAKING THEIR OWN OPINION THAT’S NOT RIGHT. SO WHY DO THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT THEIR RIGHTS.

  • Daniel Beane says:

    i hope this doesn’t mean he won’t be our president

  • Gary Sheets says:

    We need your leadership on the domestic and world stage. True statesman are almost none existent in the world today. You Sir have proven to be a strong, resilient and fearless leader, A True Statesman. Thank you for fighting for all that has served to make America the greatest nation in the history of the world. Waiting to sign up.

  • Stewart B Iglehart sr says:

    I am so Happy that Mr Trump is doing this Social Platform.God Bless.

  • Suzanne m Smith says:

    Yes sign me up I with you 100%. I am not on any other online anything.

  • Doug says:

    Yes I will, but will keep other social media’s to see and hear their side (bitching/whining) too.

  • dick canby says:


  • Janet Stephens says:

    Yes!!! I completely support Trump! And his America first- we the people!!!

  • Steve says:

    A leader like Trump only happens once. Well, twice (2024). To have a leader beholding to only the people is truly a wonderful thing. With Trump having his own social media the truth will run freely and the results will change drastically even with the theft of elections in progress. I’m all for President Trump and his proposed new social media.

  • Jim says:

    I’ve been waiting for a few years now that Trump needs to start his own platform.

  • John G Russo says:

    I will be dumping all the rest of these biased platforms as soon as The Trump Card media platform is live. I can’t wait to see how much loss the mass exodus will be for these leftist censored platforms. They got a small taste already. This will be their “Red Pill” moment.

  • Judy Lewis says:

    I would be happy to join President Trump’s new media site – and am excited to do anything to
    assist him in any new possible run for the White House or anything else – I only wish we had
    better “direct access” to him as far as getting our voices/ideas/suggestions/support for him heard

  • Lou says:

    I can’t wait. I was kicked off Twitter and would never think of going back. I only look at FB b/c of my daughter.

  • Anonymous says:

    This will of course, dependant on cost as I am a senior on limited income. Thankyou.

  • Ed says:

    Great, looking forward to it. We don’t need big tech.

  • Retrumplicanq says:

    I’m sure glad to hear this so everyone can hear more LIES FROM YOUR DADDY DONALD Q TRUMP.

  • Tim says:

    Lets do it trump

  • Donnie Bawkum says:

    yes, sign me up

  • trpldipp says:

    Not interested in “social media” but will sign up for this…..if it happens.

  • Daisy says:


  • Mikey says:

    Fuck yeah. We need him back now.

  • Graham Nelson Sr. says:

    Yes, Sign me up, I am not nor ever have been a part of any other Social Media platforms. 80 yrs old & knew those were wrong, Times change, but Human Nature doesn’t. Believe this : The Devil Lives and He Lives in some people. The key is to evaluate their reasons for doing those things that they do. Not what they say or promise but what they do. God Bless America and those whose only regret is that they have but one life to give for their country. Our Family has been here since , at least 1702. and we welcome any Patriots who seek and will Stand up for Freedom, our constitution, and Bill of Rights. Freedom is not Free !
    Thank You,

  • Gray Cat says:


  • Linda Moore says:

    I can’t wait for this to happen.

  • Joe Ruud says:

    I want Donald Trump involved in Republican politics!

  • Brandy says:

    Hell yeah I’ve been waiting for Trump to figure out how to get out to the people. He was a great president he didn’t take their shit nor their dirty money. He stood up to the dems n that’s why they wanted him out of office. Now that Biden has took the seat how much bullshit has went on. Higher taxes n gas prices went up and millions of jobs gone. As if we could handle more job losses. If the people don’t come together and show the dems we’re not backing down this country is going to be destroyed. Biden has only a few agendas, WAR,HIGHER TAXES,MILLIONS OF JOB LOSSES may I keep going. Trump will make America great again with the help of the American people.

  • James Cosmano says:

    All the major news outlets are run by the Democrats. What kind of news do you think you’ll get? We need Pres. Trump’s input to recognize the Socialist Media for what it is, propaganda!! Read “The Epoch Times”, it is the last bastion of truth in journalism and they need all of true Americans support!!

  • Fore skin says:

    Trump 2024

  • Kenny Minton says:

    Yes be glad to join. Looking forward to hearing from the President Donald Trump and all the truthful news again. Trump for President 2024.

  • Mark Giambrone says:

    ABSOLUTELY. We need to hear what’s going on. The Media won’t report it.

  • Jan says:

    Yes, Please help us get together a group to overturn everything the Donkey Ass have changed. Are they that dumb, to not see what their doing to our Country. IDIOTS The Donkey needs to be IMPEACHED NOW. Close those borders NOW, we are losing time here. Please President TRUMP, lets get it all back. GOD BLESS YOU

  • Pamela Clark Bogacki says:


  • Jeanette Patterson says:

    Yes I will support President Trump with whatever he does for the American people, look forward to his social media

  • Mary Hoard says:

    Most definitely will follow Mr Trump always. As for the other platforms I’ve never followed them and they’re liars and violent they all push violence that’s why they blame Mr Trump

  • Gregg warren says:

    The rico act says that criminals can’t prosper from their crimes and can you not say you haven’t seen a bigger crime organization than the mafia I have that cancer is the liberal democrats and when we impeach them lncarerate them for life with no chance of parole and Rico everything they own and yes what are you waiting for mr president sign me up

  • C. B. says:

    I believe that Trump belongs in federal prison. I don’t believe a word he says and if I never see his face, hear his voice, or read a word about him, I will be very happy.

  • GM says:

    Milton said it perfectly, however those like L. Brown here are like the multitude of Americans who are now Lemmings. ( Lower IQ than Sheep ) People you need to wake up since most don’t believe that it could happen here. You will be like the Japanese Americans put in Internment Camps after
    Pearl Harbor. Except you’ll be there because you have a differing opinion. Wake Up !!! Or stand by and watch most of your basic rights get voted out by these control freaks. So many of you are like dogs all excited about a $ 1400 bone that Biden /Harris is tossing over your fence that you don’t even see that YOU get to pay for it in the upcoming massive tax hike. Maybe you should let these illegals camp out on your lawn Lisa ! Get Real. Open your eyes and please try to grow up….

  • JoAnn Stubbs says:

    Yes, I love Trump and miss him dearly. I used to tweet to him almost daily on twitter. I am the one who told Pres. Trump about Lee Greenwood and God Bless The USA and how we always played it at the beginning of a rodeo and carried the American Flag and how it makes me cry because I’m so patriotic! I am furious in what the lying cheating left wing idiots did because he won the election hands down. waiting on Arizona to right things and maybe other states will follow.

    Want to hear from our President again, not these lying crazy lefties ruining our country. I don’t watch any news anymore because I can’t stand what they are doing. We all know obama is running this garbage now behind the scenes. Couldn’t stand the man the first time why would we want him back a third time.

    Come on Capitalist and President Trump (THE REAL PRESIDENT).

  • CLAY says:

    Definitely. President Trump loves AMERICA, love the Constitution, and tirelessly fights for all the citizens of AMERICA.

  • Becky says:

    Love the idea, Trump is a visionary for sure, I’m behind him 110%

  • Sharon says:

    Get rid of google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram it’s all a cesspool teeny bopper, social night mare that ruining our young peoples minds, our values and relationships!! Nobody needs to be do involved in what the hell everyone is doing every minor the day and show off their hey look at me look who I am irrattic behavior. When internet was developed life went to hell!! It’s to much!!! No Facebook no Twitter or Instagram needed bring back old fashion relationships!!!! Read the damn newspaper the worlds in a mess because of internet!!!!

  • Ethel Landry says:

    Love and respect President Trump!

  • Barbara says:

    I’m ready I thought it was a great idea from the start and soon I hope.

  • Teresa Dziobon says:

    Yes, sign me up. I’m behind Mr.Trump

  • Aida says:

    Yeeeesssss! I will sign up. Independent voter, but think Trump did a fantastic job in our country in every front. And we need to get our country out of the spiral “to the toilet,” many in Congress are pushing the country to. Good grief! It’s now or never!!

  • Colleen Anderson says:

    Yes! I totally stand behind president Trump and all he stands for. GOD BLESS AMERICA! I’m sick I’m tired of face book shutting us down. So many of my clients have no idea about the truth. Because regular news doesn’t speak the truth.

  • Irene Golden says:

    I support President Trump and I would help him in any endeavor he chooses.I’m not very much into social media and I resent the power they take for themselves. If Pres. Trump becomes President again I hope he will do away with Sect.230.

  • Robert Gaudet says:

    Trump 2024

  • Vicki says:

    The worst scenario in a country that encourages FREEDOM of SPEACH is to have a lying Facebook stealing Mark Zuckerburg deny facebooks users the right to free speech on this platform. What you get from Facebooks Mark Zuckerburg is a lying scheming pathetic example of the American nightmare for OPEN FORUM sharing. Zuckerburg stole the Facebook idea from two fellow college classmates and went on to make Millions of dollars. His power was stolen from two men who hired Zuckerburg to write the code for then concept of Facebook.
    Mark Zuckerburg is a manipulative liar and a thief! Why would anyone on the planet support this man or his stolen social platform? He cannot be trusted and the fact that he sensors Facebook users is the very reason people should drop the Facebook platform. Americans should drop this ass like a bad seed.

  • Bonnie Alexander says:

    Absolutely. I look forward to a decent
    place for honest exchange and have been wondering for years why he has not done this already!

  • Marie Drake says:

    Not happy with the direction the country is going in. The future was looking good until president Trump left the office.
    Very scary what is going on in the government now.
    Worry about what our younger generation has to look forward to.
    Good luck to our president Donald Trump.
    Still watching.

  • Donna D Daniel says:

    Have always loved Trumps ideas and especially his courage and determination to see and do the things necessary to protect our country. Also he is not intimidated by anyone or anything that wants to hurt Americans. He is the greatest President we have ever had. I pray he WILL run again.

  • J. M. Wilson says:

    I can’t wait for Trump to have his own platform! It’s about time we the people can truly have “free speech”! I will join up ASAP! Trump will always be MY President! The evil Dems want nothing more than $$ and power. They are well under way to running our country into the ground! So much for the American people…we do not matter one bit to the radical demons in power now. I hope our country isn’t beyond repair when Trump comes back to do more GREAT things for his country & his compatriots! God bless the U.S.A. and God bless Donald Trump! 2024 can’t come soon enough for the redemption of this country & her true Patriots!

  • Karl Schneider says:

    Great news. MILLIONS of us are sick and tired of the nonstop leftist BS and their slouch toward socialism. As for me, I will NEVER accept the bogus ‘results’ of the 2020 “election”.

  • Anonymous says:

    I want him to buy CNN or MSNBC. Surely he has the money to do that. Fox News is the only non liberal network out there, except those you pay extra for. But if this new social media is the only way he can get to us, the American people, then so be it. He has to start somewhere. As far as him running in 2024, I would be a little worried about health issues. We are the same age, and I know I don’t have nearly the strength that he has, but that could all change. But we definitely need more than one cable outlet like Fox and some other conservative outlets.

    Most people who are conservative but on fixed incomes could def6get on board if CNN or MSNBC were put to bed permanently.

  • Michael Kingston says:

    Yes I’ve have stated more then once start Freebook and shutdown the other social media run by the givernment

  • Ernie Escamilla says:

    Lets get the COUNTRY back to the people under GOD as it should be .

  • Mrskrip says:

    Free speech !!!
    Right now what we have is a communist regime in control of our media and social and research sites.

  • Scott Clark says:

    I believe President Trump will have a far better uncensored Platform unlike Facebook and Twitter. President Trump will be allowed to Speak freely on this site I Love President Trump

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