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House Votes to Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene From Committees



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With a 230-199 vote, the US House of Representatives voted to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) from her committee assignments. Among those who voted for Greene’s removal are 11 Republican House members, who sided with Democrats in getting the majority vote.

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Extremist Views

Green’s troubles began when previous posts and videos made during her pre-Representative days surfaced off the Internet. There, posts showed her spouting off her extremists' views. This includes support for executing prominent Democratic politicians before joining Congress herself. 

She also faced backlash for a previous statement denying 9/11 happened and claiming that school shootings across the US were hoaxes. She also professed support for QAnon, a popular conspiracy theory group. 

Democrats, who control the majority, asked for a floor vote to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene after a Republican meeting failed to take any sanctions. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called the Democrats’ efforts a “partisan power grab” that went beyond party lines. Reportedly, McCarthy offered the Democrats the removal of Green from the Education and Labor Committee and will transfer her to the Small Business committee instead. In exchange, the GOP requested that Democrats take off the vote for Greene’s removal from assignments from Thursday’s agenda. However, Democrats, led by majority leader Steny Hoyer (MD) refused. They want Greene not just out of Education and Labor, but also out of the Budget committee as well. 

Greene Defends Herself

Ahead of the vote, the House gave Greene the chance to defend herself. In a floor speech, she tried to distance herself from her previous assertions, especially her support for QAnon. Greene said that after “seeing things in the news that didn't make sense to me,” she became very interested in QAnon by 2017.  She started posting about the group and talked about it, insisting that until 2018, she felt upset about things and felt she couldn’t trust the government. 

She took the opportunity to profess her regrets over her past comments. Greene went on to say that 9/11 really did happen. She agreed that school shootings are real and that she sympathizes with families who lost children. “These were words of the past, and these things do not represent me. They do not represent my district, and they do not represent my values,” she reflected. 

Rewarding Conspiracy Theorists

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) criticized House Republicans for failing to address Greene. Prior to the floor vote, she said that she remains ”profoundly concerned” about House GOP leadership’s acceptance of conspiracy theorists to their roster. In particular, she said that it’s “particularly disturbing” for Republicans to reward “a QAnon adherent, a 9/11 truther, a harasser of child survivors of school shootings” with house committee memberships such as education.  Reacting to McCarthy’s assertion that they were making a power grab, Pelosi defended their decision.  “If any of our members threatened the safety of other members, we'd be the first ones to take them off a committee. That's it,” she said. 

In addition, Greene also received scathing remarks from prominent GOP leaders. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) mocked the “loony lies and conspiracy theories” and said, without naming her directly, that she is cancer to the GOP and the country. 

‘Don’t Let The Mob Win’

Even as Greene showed contrition on the House floor Thursday, she remained defiant outside the walls of Congress. “It's not just me they want to cancel. They want to cancel every Republican. Don't let the mob win,” she tweeted Thursday. Earlier, she also said that she has former President Donald Trump’s support, which she is grateful for. “More importantly the people of this country are absolutely 100% loyal to him because he is 100% loyal to the people and America First,” she tweeted last Saturday. 

During her time on the floor, Greene also blamed cancel culture and the media. “Big media companies can take teeny, tiny pieces of words that I said, that you have said, any of us, and can portray us into someone that we're not,” she rued. During her meeting with the GOP steering committee, Greene reportedly received a standing ovation. She said Saturday that she won’t apologize, and despite issuing an apology to her colleagues, Greene has yet to apologize for her conduct.

Watch the C-SPAN video covering the complete remarks of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on the House floor leading up to the vote on removing her from committee assignments:

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Who do you think should ultimately feel responsible for Marjorie Taylor Greene’s setback? Is it plainly her and her outspoken ideas? Or, was she caught in the middle of a power struggle in Congress? Let us know what you think of the House’s decision to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committees.



  • Jos says:

    The House is the “Lower Chamber” where we are technically all represented, as opposed the the Senate which is meant to be a more deliberative body. Kooks and Qanon believers have a right to be represented as well, just maybe not have a voice in influential committees. A House term is only 2 years for a reason. Too crazy, vote her out! One benefit of a two party system versus a multitude of small national parties is we will never see a true Qanon or Antifa or Flat earth party as seen in some Parliamentary Governments.

  • Shep Tim says:

    Let’s see what the weak kneed republicans do if they get control. Will there be payback for the hateful comments made by the anti-Semite and conspiracy theorists in the BLM/ANTIFA loving squad. Me thinks not.

  • Yvonne Collette says:

    kook says you if they cancel one they will cancel all she has a right to her opinion otherwise we are communists and muslims.
    this is how the 3rd reich started

  • Voldemort says:

    She was attacked because she leveled a fact based and verified impeachment against a demonrat.

  • Elaine says:

    This cancer within politics is out of control. We are seeing a very dangerous trend, when the liberals are always crying wolf and playing victim to gain control. They are weakening our country and society, they show you win by tucking tail and whining about who hurts your feelings or says something you don’t like. Then they take away the rights of anyone else to free speech. This is the craziest thing I’ve seen. Does anyone understand it is prejudiced and stereotyping to call or to imply “all whites are racist” that is no better. It is wrong to assume anything about a group collectively no matter their color or origins!!! But Democratic Party is supporting this behavior of their party members. That is NOT unity of a nation.
    Rewriting and controlling history and silencing those that disagree with your platform is what dictatorship does, plain and simple. I wonder who is truly pulling all the puppet strings? George Soras and family?? Or any other power seeking group set out to destroy the very foundation of our country.

  • Melissa says:

    She should have never been allowed to become a member of congress. She’s a delusional crazy person just like Trump. I’m very Happy she was removed from the committee and now needs to be removed from congress period. She has showed her true colors with everything that comes out of her mouth.

  • Loud one says:

    What about her lies and her violent antitrust fantasies. Also Maxine Walters.

  • Poch Soeun says:

    Taylor Green She have not done anything wrong. Is because her Idea was so powerful and is related to all true American Hero like our president DONALD J TRUMP and she is standing up for the true American. Green strongly believe and trust in God. She strongly believe and understand about how TRUMP doing is the right thing to do for America and she is always standing strong with our president DONALD J TRUMP. Cause Taylor Green is 100+% truly POWERFUL Republican !? That is why the DEVIL’S want the great powerful Taylor Green out from the House Committees permanently!?. This include it own Republican that is so very shameful crooked that wants her out because the DEVIL want her position. GOD BLESS THE GREAT POWERFUL TAYLOR 💕 GREEN!?.🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Thomas says:

    The majority of Republican Party leaders are a bunch of week kneed politicians only looking out for them selves as individuals – a bunch of power hungry idiots looking for that Golden Parachute Retirement…They didn’t back up the best President since Ronald Reagan—-and only rode on his shirt tales when it was in their best interest…they did nothing (as Hannity-John Solomon) and many others had predicted to get the corrupt DemoLibs prosecuted…When things get Tuff the Tuff get going…but not the majority of this bunch of WeekKneers…The DemoLibs are doing just what they set out to do—destroy a once Great Republican Party…Conquerr&Divide…You did this all yourselves…Very Very Sad…

  • Tom Cat says:

    What about the Democrats conspiracy impeachment of President Trump , Using The FBI as the support team lead by Adam Schiff and Nadler.This kind of back alley tactics seams to be ok as long as The Democrats are the ones using them .This country is becoming more like Germany as Hitler was knocking at the door to take full control of the country

  • BLUEBOY, T says:


  • william h wallace says:

    minority leader(R.I.N.O.’s) Kevin McCarthy for not standing up for her.

  • Gregory Hill says:

    Gregory Hill There should have been another choice.
    5. Republicans for allowing the Democrats to patrol their ranks.
    Right now most of the GOP are gutless. They voted overwhelmingly to keep RINO Liz Chaney in her powerful position in the house. This needs to change! They all need to be primaried out. Hopefully their states will comply when the time comes.

  • Steven Rauch says:

    I guess they ought to be allowed to police members but they should do it equally! Think about how much more of a balanced House it would be if they took out Adam Schi**, Madeline Waters, Nadler, Pelosi and probably a couple of dozen others. None of them really have the nerve to stand up to the Leadership and tell to them to shut up and do their jobs.

  • DS says:

    Wonder when the crazy bitch will come to work “Packin” trying to take out Dems?

  • James Houston says:

    If she can be removed from committees, MXine Waters should be removed from the House. Her mouth spews hate and violent acts every time it is opened.

  • William Phillips says:

    I voted the Dems who should have let the GOP take care of their own business. It didn’t allow me a chance to vote for 3 out of 4 choices. Were some of her statements reckless? Most definitely. But the democrats have no business telling some one what to think and what they can say. Then worst of it all is that everyone, including the media expected her to apologize for her beliefs. I want every other politician and media member to apologize for all their beliefs. Dictator Pelosi needs to go out the door, retire or what ever and get off of her power trip. If you don’t agree with her, you don’t belong. You can’t sit at the “cool kids table”. They continue to slam Green for what she says, but you have this AOC whatever who can say what she wants about whom ever she chooses. You have two different people in this world (and your race and color don’t matter when it comes to this), grandpa always said you have talkers (people who talk about getting things done) and then you have doers (people who jump in and get things done). Pelosi and AOC are talkers. They don’t want their hands dirty so they bitch and whine and tell others to do the dirty work. I agree that McCarthy should have stepped in and took control of the situation before it got to this point. GOP, you’re making yourselves look bad. Get it together or y’all are gonna be in a world of hurt when re-elections come around.

  • Peggy Russell says:

    This is the first time in history that people are expected to say what others want said rather than their own belief. The USA was founded on the right of free speech and freedom of religion. Never in history has a president been cut off mid speech because the “fake” new decided he was lying. My understanding of media is to report the news not decide who lying and who is not! I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe. If my belief offends you…. don’t vote for me!

  • Robert Bradley says:

    I believe Donald J TRUMP WON the election and it was stolen from the American people. I believe it was the most obvious shameful act of deceat our nation has witnessed. I believe Joe Biden,Hunter Biden,Nancy Pelosi, SCHIFF, SCHUMER, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama,AOC and a few dozen other DC cronies need to be prosecuted for their various crimes including treason & conspiracy. I am 65 years of age and I have never been more appalled by my government than in 2021. I believe the American families have failed to teach our children how to stand on their own two feet. Stop blaming the person next to you for your short Cummings. THE WORLD DOES NOT OWE YOU $15.00 an hour. You start at $8- $10 what ever and you learn to do the job, you start by cleaning after the ones who have been there done that. If you watch ask questions and learn you will advance to a better position in life.

  • Dennis B says:

    Marjorie Taylor Greene is ultimately responsible for her removal. Also the demonrats are trying to cancel any Republican that does not agree with them.

  • Altha Armstrong says:

    I , believe that Green has the freedom to speak about what she believes period and freedom of religion as well. I must agree that GOP needs to get their act together now. Pelosi & her unfair group of Democrats are out to destroy our country and turn it socialism. We voted for President Trump because he loves our country and cares for our nation under God the only true God His name is Jesus. He is the only true God and Trump values the Lord’s commandments, statues,principles. We must fear God Americans not man. We need to honor those leaders who honor the LORD. God bless President Trump & our country. 🕎💝🙏

  • Todd McInnis says:

    She should be put back on the committee the Democrats have done worse things and said worse things

  • Susan Domenico says:

    I knew this would happen. Mrs. Greene was called out on comments made at an earlier time. If this was the basis for her removal from committees, why shouldn’t the fellow who slept with a Chinese spy for a year be removed? Or maybe other outspoken Democrats, including AOC, Pelosi, Harris and even Biden himself, should be removed for creating chaos and inciting violence in their past and present comments? Why the double- standard? This is America, and only one standard should apply to all! This is a disgrace for our people, our government and our country in the world’s view! Mrs. Greene should be reassigned to her positions on these committees, and this BS needs to stop…NOW. The people in Mrs. Greene’s district need to loudly speak out against this illegal action as should ALL of Americans! Republicans need to be strong, stand up and take action by impeaching those inciting violence and insurrection in the Democratic Party, all the way to the top!!!

  • Albert Bryson says:

    The House was wrong when they are trying to silent a member of Congress Mrs. Greene of Georgia by removing her from her committee assignments. This is political correctness gone overboard. Being Woke has hit our government. There are other members of Congress that deserve censure for their behavior, but their misconduct has not been addressed.

  • JR says:

    If she needs to go. so do Maxine Waters, Eric Swallow well, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Adam Shit for Brains, and many other Dems. Why is it ok for them to foment violence, lie, call for confrontation, and straight out lie and it is ok. It is time Republicans grow some balls and start responding in kind.

  • james jeffries says:

    i feel like God should wipe out every one of these demons,and start over.washington is full of liars.our government is a joke to other nations.its embarrasing to be an american these days.if i had it my way,i would eliminate every last one of those devil worshippers.i HATE them all.may they ALL rot in hell.

  • James Reynolds says:

    Yes, She should be kicked out of the Republican Congress, along with Democrat Congress persons like Adam Shiff, Maxine Waters, Eric Swallow, Omar, AOC, and many others who have contributed nothing but angry hate speech to the American public. What’s good for the goose is good for the Gander. That’s the main thing ailing the Republican Congress. I noticed that several Republicans voted to strip Greene of her of her free speech and committee privileges’, but no republicans want to address the same thing for the democrats who have committed far greater sins. That’s exactly why the Republicans are losing all the battles and getting weaker by the hour. They can’t seem to grow a set of 00’s and gain enough backbone to keep from losing the war.

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