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Retailers Board up Windows Ahead of Elections



shutdowns board up storefronts for protection from violent protests riots and looting resulting from George Floyds death-Retailers Board Up Windows-ss-featured

Across the US, shop owners and retailers board up windows in preparation for the elections. This phenomenon happened in many major cities as America prepares to vote on November 3.

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Business owners are stepping up security measures to protect their stores. They board up windows to head off any damages in case of election results that erupt into protests in the next few days.  Aside from boarding up windows, retailers also hired extra security for added protection.

Major Chains

Major retailer chains taking precautions are Tiffany, Saks Fifth Avenue, CVS, Target, and Macy's. Nathan Strauss, Tiffany’s spokesman said: “While we intend to remain open where possible, out of an abundance of caution the windows of select stores in key cities will be boarded in anticipation of potential election-related activity.”

Last summer, stores in major cities fell victim to riots and vandalism. These were offshoots of protests on George Floyd’s death in Minnesota. Retailers learned their lesson and have instituted preventive measures. Apart from damages, stores lost inventory due to looting.

Supermarket chain CVS will also board up store windows damaged earlier this year. The chain clarified that they will remain open, but boarded up. CVS spokesperson Mike DeAngelis said that boarded-up stores “will continue to be open to serve customers as long as it is safe to do so.”

Plywood Sales Up

Suppliers reported this weekend that plywood is in short in supply in some areas. The Home Depot in Manhattan reportedly ran out of large plywood sheets. Construction and security companies are also scouring markets for wood and other supplies.

Service Channel CEO Tom Buiocchi says business is booming. The online platform connects retailers with local contractors for board up jobs. He said that around 750 stores transacted on the channel to get local workers. Most of the orders came from California, Illinois, and New York. Services range from $124 for a small store to $31,000 for retail giants.

Rodeo Drive

In Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, crews started boarding up all of the 70 plus shops in the trendy strip. Work started in the early hours of Monday morning. By-Election day, crews expect to finish the job and prevent access to Rodeo Drive.  

Kathy Gohari, VP of the Rodeo Drive Committee, says they are ready. She said: “Ferragamo is boarded up, Prada is boarded up, Dolce & Gabbana is boarded up. Rodeo Drive is among the most desirable streets in the world, which means we’re one of the biggest targets. What we do not welcome is people with ill intentions, who are here to destruct property.”

In Chicago and New York

Stores in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile are already boarded by now. The city government deployed snow plows and salt trucks to act as barriers in case they need to close off roads.

Adam Skaf, Magnificent Mile Association spokesman, says they are getting ready. Their group is coordinating with police to come up with “long-term security strategies.”

In New York, high-end retailers have fortified storefronts and covered glass windows. These include Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Louis Vuitton, Bergdorf Goodman, Dolce & Gabbana, and Tourneau. Stores in Soho, Midtown, and other parts of Manhattan are also secured.  Spring Street, Prince Street, and Green Street all sport plywood storefronts in anticipation.

Be Safe or Be Sorry

Since the death of George Floyd this summer, many protests ended up as riots. Stores fell victim to vandals, looters, and even arsonists. An estimated $1 billion in insured losses and theft resulted from property damages. Now, retailers board up windows in anticipation of any potential problem. After a disastrous summer, they’d rather be safe than sorry.

The elections are the next potential flashpoint for further episodes of civil unrest. Other than a clear, landslide victory for either party, the election can drag on. And this could lead to other actions. By acting now to fortify their stores, retailers are not taking any chances. No matter who wins the elections, store owners won’t be the losers in the aftermath.

Watch this as Inside Edition reports on why retailers board up windows ahead of the US National Elections this November 3:

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Do you think that there is a possibility of civil unrest because of the elections? Or are store owners overreacting over an exercise of democracy? Let us know what you think about the frenzy preparations for the elections by leaving your comments below.



  • Anonymous says:

    This is just crazy what has happened to America

  • Cougar says:

    AGREE 100%

  • Concerned American says:

    The stores must board up as the Police have had their hands tied by the City Govenments.

  • Susan Myers says:

    If I were a business owner, I would board up my windows because the Police are not allowed to do their job. This may be media hype but an ounce of prevention is much better than having to rebuild.

  • Dean A Yoder says:

    Sadly, YES! But it’s because elected government politicians aren’t willing to stand on the constitutional laws that they have committed to back. If rioting and insurrection are allowed, we will lose the Nation as we have come to know it. Government should prosecute and give the lawless the choice to leave the country or to become productive citizens and live in peace with the rest of us who have loved our Nation and to see it continue to prosper.

  • Anonymous says:

    If democrats were assured of the victory, nobody would need to board up. Democrats have already said if they lose, the riots (not peaceful protests) will continue.
    Didn’t work in last presidential election, won’t work this time. Bout time democratic socialists learn citizens didn’t fight and die to turn our flawed, beloved country over to socialism, we’re not about to roll over and play dead now.

  • Cobra Nut says:

    We’re not going to sit by and let a bunch of THUGS take over.
    Lock and Load Patriots, it’s past time that HEADS ROLL!!!

  • Leslie Newton says:

    I am so disappointed in America. Pray this ends good for Trump or we are done. Civil war on the way.

  • Anonymous says:

    The only way to avoid a revolutionary war is to root out and throw out all the fraudulent mail in ballots, and be absolutely certain that the election is 100% legitimate.

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