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Fox Poll: Most Americans Don’t Want A Second Term for Biden



President Joe Biden descends the steps from Air Force One | Fox Poll: Most Americans Don’t Want A Second Term for Biden | featured

According to a Fox News national survey released last Sunday, only 21% of Americans want President Joe Biden to get a second term. In fact, six out of ten Americans will vote for somebody else instead of Biden if the 2024 Elections were held today.

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Fox News Poll Reports That Most Americans Won’t Help Biden Get a Second Term

President Joe Biden with sad expression | Fox News Poll Reports That Most Americans Won’t Help Biden Get a Second Term

Beacon Research and Shaw & Company conducted the Fox News poll between January 16 to 22. It includes interviews with 1,001 registered voters randomly selected from a national voter file.

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Researchers conducted the interviews via landline or mobile phone. The sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points. 

The poll reported that six out of ten American voters will back someone other than Biden if the 2024 elections happened right now.

This makes the president’s second term prospects bleaker compared to his two predecessors, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Economic Anxiety Is A  Major Reason For Reluctance in a Second Term for Biden

After a year in office, more Americans reported economic anxiety versus a year ago. At the same time, many also believe that the pandemic remains uncontrolled at this point.

In fact, Biden’s approval ratings fell down in both areas. Overall job ratings showed that more Americans disapprove of Biden (52%) versus those who approve (47%). 

In contrast last April, more Americans approved of Biden’s handling of the country (54%). This was during his first 100 days in office.

The major decline comes from a 10 point drop among Democrat supporters (from 95% to 85%). Republicans and independent approvals remained nearly the same during the period. 

In addition, Biden’s overall approval also recorded a 56% high last June and registered a lower score of 44% last November. Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris received even worse scores. Only 43% of the Democrat’s handling of her job as VP.

In contrast, 54% do not approve. Broken down per party, only 78% of Democrats approve of her while only 11% of Republicans do so. 

Biden Also Fared Badly on Important Issues

A second term for the befuddled Democrat president is slowly slipping away. 52% of voters disapprove of the way he handled the pandemic. This is a major increase from 34% in early 2021.

However, the pandemic issue is actually his brightest spot. It seemed that the President scored far worse on other issues that demanded his attention.

Even more, Americans disapprove of his foreign policy (54%), the economy (58%), and border security (59%).  

As a result, many voters are beginning to blame the president for the country’s current economic mess. Inflation remains high, supply chain issues persist, and the pandemic is now on its fourth wave.

As a result, prices of everything went up, even as shortages continue to haunt stores. This all led to 73% of Americans saying that present economic conditions are only fair or poor.

A month ago, only 66% of voters said so. Additionally, 85% remain worried about inflation. This fear is a bipartisan one. 81% of Democrats and 91% of Republicans agree on the issue.  

Only 38% Will Vote To Give Biden A Second Term

Given the bleak economy and the continued pandemic, only 36% of voters will vote for Biden’s second term. Only 21% of that number will “definitely vote” for the president again. 72% of Democrats said they will vote for Biden again, with only 48% saying they definitely will. 

Meanwhile, 60% said that they would vote for someone else over Biden in 2024. In contrast, only 56% of voters said the same thing for Trump, while 56% of voters said that for Obama.

Biden’s numbers seem to indicate that instead of expecting to breeze through reelection, the president has a lot of soul-searching to do. Instead of a second term, he might need to prepare for political retirement instead. 

According to pollster Chris Andersen, a Democrat, the numbers are far lower than desired. “These certainly aren’t numbers the Biden team wants, but Democratic defection is the main reason his generic reelect is low.

It’s safe to assume most of these Democrats will back him if he is the nominee and the only choice against a Republican.”

Watch the Fox News video reporting that Americans grade Biden as poll numbers take another hit:

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