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Stock Selecting and Investing



Stock Selecting and Investing

Stock selecting has shown to be a bit of a challenge for people, yet it’s not as difficult as it should be. Some of the guidelines get perplexed which can result in disarray.

Some techniques will assist in minimizing your time and selecting stocks to invest.

Search for Assured Price Drive

Where do you look for Assured price drive companies with real momentum?  Your source should be one that is not just the opinion of a Brokerage firm or from the potential biases of financial reporters.

In financial newspapers seek the Highs list of paper for the 52 weeks.   You will be able to observe the trends of a year instead of just in a day.  Looking at the highs and lows as it develops over the year is a more accurate way of investing.  Seeing the big picture assist in our decision making sets a tone for us to discard the stocks that do not increase.
Make yourself aware of how frequently a company reacts to a price when a situation is negative.  Also, be conscious of how often a company either closes or trades at a new price during actual circumstances.

Checking the Highs list is does not guarantee always good results, but it is just as good as the advice you may get from your broker or even better because it is not tainted with biases.

Some may reveal that choosing your stocks and what you invest is better than having someone else choose for you.  Why?

  • You will know why you picked the stock
  • You don’t have to give the responsibility of taking care of your money to another person. As they may be busy checking other accounts to provide you with the quality attention you deserve.
  • The closer the attention you give to your portfolio the better your finances; unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of giving the desired attention. The wealthy seem to have that luxury by using their advisors and brokers.

We’ve always been taught to diversify, and that’s another technique. Expand your stocks in different industries.  Diversification is to help reduce some risk by spreading your money out.

Beware of Stocks that move microscopically during a positive and negative market.  Reason being is that these are conservative choices that may not perform optimally.

There is also what we call defensive stocks.  Avoid these stocks.  The outlook for these increasing in prices is minimal.   Utilize your time better. Although these stocks are well, in general, they do not provide a much as the stocks that are riskier.  In your portfolio, for the forward portion put a little more risk in stalks that make a lot more money.

Before making a decision on purchases, it is best to check out the news and the highlights of the company.  Especially concentrate on the buyouts and takeovers.

It would be to your best interest to avoid buying stocks a result of a buyout.  You can check this in the price charts.  When you are buying stocks make sure you check out the price charts history of the company for the past two years.  Check out the chart of stocks with explosive price patterns for the year.  You can observe these charts on the computer, or view published data.  You can find some tables in the book of stock charts.

These charts are only necessary for selecting your stock with original information.   Charts are only a glance of the trend of the stock.  You won’t need to carry your data around to manage your portfolio with these tables.  It is just useful for getting a quick tip.

The following are some things to look for when investing in stocks

  • Growth in earnings

o     What is the company’s present earning growth?

  • Market capitalization

o    What are the total market value of the shares and the price per share?

  • How the stocks performed

o    Check the list and see which stocks are high in value

  • The price of the share

o    Keep your asset prices at $15/share or higher

  • Invest in quality stocks

o    Highest quality affordable for you

o    Observe the stocks with the best returns especially with rare high prices items.

o    Check out stocks that are moving up in price consistently


Invest in stocks that make the highs in the 52-week

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