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Toys R Us Is Making a ComeBack, Partners with Macy’s



Toys R Us store front | Toys R Us Is Making a ComeBack, Partners with Macy’s | featured

Iconic American toy shop Toys R Us is attempting another comeback. The beloved shop for kids teamed up with retail giant Macy’s to open up shops in more than 400 department stores beginning in 2022. 

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Macy’s and Toys R Us to Team Up

Executives from Toys R Us and Macy’s announced the partnership last Thursday. In addition, the toy retailer also announced the return of online shopping for the brand. Beginning Thursday, customers can shop for their favorite kids’ brands by going to or 

In addition, Nata Dvir, Macy’s chief merchandising officer, also issued a statement on the partnership. “As a Toys“R” Us kid, I could not be more excited to bring this beloved brand that so many of our customers know and love into Macy’s online and to our stores across America.

Our toy business grew exponentially in the past year, with many families looking to inspire their children’s imagination and create meaningful moments together,” she said. 

Return of Geoffrey the Giraffe

The new Toys R Us shops will reside inside Macy’s stores. Its famous mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe will also make a reappearance, as the mascot will welcome shoppers into the new stores.

At present, Macy’s has yet to identify which department stores will carry the Toys R Us shops and how large each shop will be. 

Macy's Inc. Chairman and CEO Jeff Gennette said the toy category is currently a growth area. Their new partnership with the iconic toy company will quintuple the size of the department store chain's toy business.

“Our partnership with Macy’s marks the greatly anticipated return of Toys” R” Us in the U.S.A. and changes the retail landscape by combining two beloved retail brands together for consumers across the nation in a completely innovative way,” Gennette added.  

Expanding The Brand Together

In addition, Gennette said Macy's will have access to the toy company's private brands. They also will work to expand the brand together. “We will do lots of marketing together. You will see them in the parade as an example,” he said during Macy's quarterly earnings call.

Earlier this year, Macy’s announced its last round of store closures and identified 36 namesake stores and one Bloomingdale for closure. This is part of their three-year plan to close around 20% of their stores.

By July 31, Macy’s has 726 total locations, including 512 Macy’s locations, 54 Bloomingdale's locations, including outlet stores, and 160 Bluemercury stores.

Toys R Us Can Bring More Reasons To Visit Macy’s

Meanwhile, Neil Saunders, managing director of consultancy GlobalData Retail, said Macy’s made a great move in bringing Toys R Us. The addition of a well-known toy shop gives families more reasons to visit their department stores.

However, Macy’s needs to ensure that the concept will click with shoppers. “Macy’s added their own small toy department to a lot of stores last year, and many of them are very messy and hard to shop.

Standards need to be stepped up if they’re to make a success of the Toys R Us partnership,” Saunders added.

Watch the CBS Boston video reporting that Toys ‘R' Us is making another comeback In Macy's stores:

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Do you agree with the move by Macy’s to partner with Toys R Us? Will this work, will you shop more at Macy’s knowing they have an improved toy section?

Let us know what you think. Share your comments in the comments section below.



  • William M Durnan says:

    Absolutely. A great idea.

  • J says:

    Toys r us was my most favorite childhood memory. Toys r us failed for not being price competitive. They need their own brick and mortar stores. Do not be a cheap isle name. Macy will not be good for them.. toys r us will lose the iconic luster and this will ultimately be the nail in the coffin. I do not shop at Macy’s nor do I care to. I shop at target and Walmart but I always buy my kids toys at TOYS R US. The overwhelming experience of just walking through the door and becoming a kid again with my kids beside me is like no other. The new generation needs to experience this. They need to get off the iPads and phones and walk into a real toys r us store and take in the smell and touch the product.. the advertising is burned into my mind and to this day is still sing the song in my head and to clients when they are shopping for a car with me. When I hum the song 90% of my clients instantly know what I am humming and we start a conversation about our childhood. It is great memories and the clients and I always have amazing things to say but at the end of our conversations it always ends with…..I miss toys r us and wish it was back. The government is doing their best to desensitize our children but one thing they will never take away is toys r us.

  • Debra Gonzalez says:

    I Definitely would shop in Macy’s to Shop at a Toy’s R US! The problem for me is, there isn’t a Macy’s anywhere near me 😔 I am Hoping there will be Online shopping for them.

  • D. says:

    J says:
    Very well said. Toy’s R Us always was a Great place to shop. I enjoyed going into the Toy’s R US Store. In all honesty I would go to a Macy’s Store if one were near me but it would only be to Shop the All Favorite Toy’s R US! Macy’s in itself is a bit on the Expensive side.

  • Mike Thien says:

    Yes! Really miss Toys R Us especially now with grandkids. We also shop Macy’s but the one near us closed so hopefully this will make Macy’s stronger. Thank You

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s not going to work with Macy’s prices would be outrageous. How can you put a whole store into another store and carry all the toys. I worked at TRU for 25yrs never will there be another like it.Yes might be busy at Christmas buy that’s about it. Good Luck your going to need it.Thunk about the working class people and what they can afford.

  • Tom says:

    We used to take our kids to Toys R Us every year for our kids to make their Christmas wish list, what a great experience. Now they’ve gone and teamed up with mega homosexual supporter and promoter Macy’s. Won’t be long before Macy’s forces them to sell lesbian Barbie.
    We will never shop Macy’s or anyone associated with them ever again.

  • John Hir says:

    This is great news!! I’ve shopped at toysRus for years before they closed and my kids loved it so did l as a collector of things . I’ll also tell you Walmart since then has been a joke they always look like -k-mart used to and you know what happened there!! Target is good usually but lately not much better Don’t do a lot of on line ,E-bay or Amazon because of various reasons so yes bring it I’m excited and good luck to you!

  • David says:

    Never going to work. A company that went bankrupt is now going to be propped up by another company teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. Was a great time when you could shop at toys r us but now all of the woke, indoctrinated generations want to buy online and support socialism/marxism. Humanity has done it to themselves and has shut down small local businesses. Now socidty is owned by big corp through being employed and needing essentials. Thats how the government is forcing vaccines.

  • Janette Daughtry says:

    Makes good sense to me we can shop in one store !

  • Barbara Peters says:

    Smart move.

  • Joan Grant says:

    Toys R Us should definitely partner with Macy’s.

  • Anonymous says:

    Walmarts are part of the cabal

  • Doreen Yeager says:

    Did all my Christmas shopping there, only took a few times, always had items on my list, my girls wanted, never had to run store to store NOR, ever shop Black Friday, NOR Thanksgiving, a day for family !!!

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