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US Coronavirus Cases Hit 11 Million as Holidays Approach



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US Coronavirus cases hit 11 million on Sunday, topping 1 million new cases the part week alone. Since November 5, the country is registering upwards of 100,000 cases per day. Colorado, Maryland, Montana, and New Hampshire all registered new highs. Surprisingly, Georgia is the only state with a decrease in numbers.

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Grim Statistics

Reuters reported that the US coronavirus cases are picking up fast. It only took 8 days for cases to reach eleven million cases from ten million. The previous record stood at 10 days, which is what took the virus to climb from nine to ten million. From eight million cases to nine million, America took sixteen days.

The US’s latest 7-day average reports 144,000 new infections and 1,120 daily deaths. At present, the country holds the highest infection rates in the entire world. The country’s two largest states, Texas and California, accounts for 20% of the total. The gap is closing with the other states, though. The American Midwest is the hardest hit right now, with the top five worst-affected states. These are Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

State Measures

Concerned with the growing spread, local state governments began imposing their own measures. North Dakota became the 34th state that now makes it mandatory to wear face masks in public. Michigan announced new orders Sunday to partially shut down public activities. These include bars, restaurants, and schools. Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued a three-week order that suspended low-level sports activities. She also mandated mask-wearing for all gatherings. Gathering can only accommodate less than 50 people indoors and 250 outdoors. Whitmer's order also restricted open venues to accommodate only 25% of capacity. 

In Washington, Governor Jay Inslee closed all indoor dining facilities until December 14. All in-store retail activities will observe a 25% capacity. Also, all fitness facilities and gyms will close down. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced a stay-at-home order for 30 days beginning today. Mount Vernon, New York, also announced a stay-at-home advisory.

Limited Capacity but Better Chances

Health advisers warn states that local healthcare systems are nearing their tipping points. Hospitalization rates reached 69,000 over the weekend. Deaths are still high at 1,000 per week, but this is less than half of April numbers of 2,200. While the numbers remain high, patient hospital stays are getting shorter.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis hopes to increase his state’s hospital bed capacity by 50%. He requested centers to consider converting medical beds to ICU ones if necessary. 

Shutdowns Unnecessary

Expectedly, state leaders show reluctance in ordering lockdowns to isolate cases. While effective in flattening the curve, the effects on the local economy are brutal. In some cases, economic recovery proved more difficult than controlling the outbreak.

Besides, states imposed lockdowns earlier because we knew little about the disease. Now, widespread shutdowns may no longer apply. Dr. Celine Gounder, an epidemiologist at NYU, said that “we’re not going to have to be quite so draconian in our measures.” Health officials can use a targeted approach when applying interventions.  She said the solution should be more a dimmer switch than an on-off version. Dr. Gounder is a member of the COVID-19 transition team activated recently.

Holidays Approaching

With the holidays approaching, disease modelers see a difficult season ahead. With the colder weather, people huddling indoors are potential virus targets. Many areas are imposing limits on how many can attend Thanksgiving dinner. New York State and Massachusetts placed a limit on private gatherings to 10 members. North Carolina reduced its limit from 25 people to 10 as well. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot also capped meetings and social events to 10 persons. Thanksgiving, especially for large families, is becoming a dilemma for planners. Given the 10-person limit, which family members will get invites versus which ones won’t?

Not everybody is taking these measures at face value. NYC Councilman Joe Borelli of Staten Island feels the edict is too much. He said: “We’re to the point now where we’re just restricting people’s lives.” Borelli intends to continue with its family tradition of more than 10 people. He does feel people should remain aware of the pandemic. Borelli advises wearing masks and observing social distancing even when indoors.

Watch this as Sunday TODAY reports 13 States Set Single-Day COVID-19 Records over the weekend:

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Will the specter of rising US coronavirus cases disrupt your plans for the coming holidays? Do you agree with these measures, especially the one imposing 10 person limits on Thanksgiving? Let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts below.



  • past80 says:

    We have treatments for COVID, the risk is non-existent for healthy adults and children, we know who to protect. This is Tyranny hiding behind a medical mask. NO to all of it.

  • 1brich2 says:

    you’re a goddamn idiot! its people like you who make people abroad think that we’re all a bunch of old white redneck retards! you need to die and make room for a younger generation, you are the cancer of the past!

  • Robin says:

    I can’t imagine the audacity to even suggest that the government has any right, whatsoever to dictate what people choose to do in their own homes.

    It’s beyond comprehension that any American would consider accepting such tyranny.

    This virus is being used as an excuse to manipulate and control the masses.
    It’s frightening.
    People need to wake up.

    Enjoy the Holidays.
    Spend time with friends and loved ones.
    Tell the government to pack their caution and their control.

  • Philippe says:

    If you tested everyone during the flu season the cases would be even higher. It’s not rocket science! The more you test the more cases will emerge. The PCR test kit was never intended to identify a virus just the reaction to an infection via immune response. Anyone with a brain knows that if the infectious rate is high like we have now and the mortality rate is low like we have now it’s the right way to fight this virus. We have had the flu vaccine since WW2 and still thousands of people die and are hospitalized every year so if you think the vaccine is going to help you are in for a rude awakening! Covid ultimately is nothing more than a mutated coronavirus family member as they are hundreds of them.
    If Covid was that aggressive the homeless community would have been eradicated and what makes you think covid stops at your front door when you sleep at night without your facial diaper?.

  • Jeanie Lapp says:

    I am sick & tired of our governor telling me what I can & can’t do. Who made him God. I’m 79 and I don’t know when God will call me home. I probably have few holidays left that I can celebrate with my loved ones. We count more than 10 & we will be together because we have common sense. You can take your vaccine & shove it where you hurt the most. You are not going to put a chip in me so you can control me> The Bible teaches not to have the mark of the beast on you so you can buy and sell. No way will I allow Satan to get me to deny Christ like the book of Revelation warns us of 666. Demo’s your time is short on this earth repent or spend eternity in the lake of fire. .Am I angry you bet I am but I don.t use the words most people would . Govenor get your aunt by the hand jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and she if you can rule the sharks to leave you alone. Get out of our face. Too many men gave their lives for our freedoms you and you party are trying to destroy. By the way take Biden & his puppet with you.
    is this satisfactory comments..

  • Anonymous says:

    Please stop creating fear under the people. There is medication for the virus. Numbers are fake. Stop this crap. Rather put your trust in God.

  • larry says:

    resist TYRANNY ,masks are a personal thing not for doctors or governors to decide .just say NO !!!!!!!

  • Lori J Warner says:

    It’s a virus!!!! There is nothing anyone can do to stop it, hello people, wake up!!! A virus runs it’s course just like, hmmm the flu virus!! Stop believing the lies. You keep giving into this BS and you will lose your entire lives starting with your freedom to make your own decisions. If masks worked we wouldn’t be still having more cases. Wash your hands and move on!!!

  • rebecca s cordes says:

    I’d like to know how you come up with all these numbers of how many ‘new’ cases there are. And how do you know they are actually covid-19 and not the ‘usual’ viruses that go around this time of year. Even though the numbers are higher for new cases – this is not reflected in numbers of hospitalizations. I think this is a bunch of malarky trying to control what we do which is so totally not the American way. We’re not a bunch of dummies that need to be told what to think. We have the freedom to do as we feel is best for us and our families. Stop trying to save us from ourselves.

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