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CEOs Gather To Speak Out Against Voting Law Changes



Scenes from the NAACP-sponsored rally and march to the Georgia State Capitol, which focused on voting rights, police brutality, and criminal legal reform | CEOs Gather To Speak Out Against Voting Law Changes | Featured

Top US executives gathered online last weekend to discuss responses to what they see as restricted changes to voting laws. According to a statement from organizers, companies are showing concern about what they see as new restrictions in voting laws.

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A Gathering of Executives

The Washington Post reported that the meeting included executives from major airlines, retailers, and manufacturers and at least one NFL owner. CNN disclosed some of the Zoom meeting attendees. These included Target CEO Brian Cornell, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker, Merck boss Ken Frazier, Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, and former Fox bigwig James Murdoch.

The Yale School of Management and two other civic groups helped organize the online meeting. Without offering specifics, the organization issued a statement saying that American businesses would not take the matter standing down.

“CEOs indicated readiness to act individually and collectively to shore up American democracy and ensure Americans have access to a world-class voting system,” the statement said. The Wall Street Journal reported that some executives described some voting bills as either racist or restrictive. Meanwhile, several participants described voting law changes as critical to democracy instead of partisan.

Executive Actions Against Voting Law Changes

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld is a Yale management professor and one of the organizers. He said business leaders discussed their options to help prevent the passage of new voting measures. Such actions can include withdrawing support and halting donations to politicians who support the bills.

They also considered the possibility of delaying investments in states that pass voting law changes. Sonnenfeld said many corporate leaders showed concern that voting legislation could affect employees or other stakeholders. “They don’t want wedge issues. They just don’t want angry constituencies. It’s not in the interest of business,” he said.

Unnamed sources said that former AmEx CEO Kenneth Chenault and Frazier urged leaders to call for greater voting access. They warned businesses against dropping the issue. In fact, they asked CEOs to sign a statement opposing discriminatory voting bills.

The group plans to release an actual collective statement later this week. Chenault said during the meeting that several leaders already signaled they would sign. This includes executives at PepsiCo, PayPal, T. Rowe Price Group, and Hess Corp. Some companies are OK to support with a low-key role. Meanwhile, some refused to participate altogether out of fear of reprisal.

Snowballing Issues

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) brushed off the executives’ plans. “I found it completely discouraging to find a bunch of corporate CEOs getting in the middle of politics,” McConnell said during a press conference last week. “My advice to the corporate CEOs of America is to stay out of politics. Don’t pick sides in these big fights,” he added.

According to the Brennan Center, around 350 voting bills are active in many states. Activists who oppose voting law changes said that the leaders aren't doing enough.  taking aren’t strong enough. Many CEOs now feel a duty, or pressure, to make their views explicitly public. 

Black Executives Also Spoke Out

Earlier, 70 prominent Black executives issued a statement against proposed voting law changes. “As Black business leaders, we cannot sit silently in the face of this gathering threat to our nation's democratic values and allow the fundamental right of Americans to cast their votes for whomever they choose, to be trampled upon yet again,” a joint letter released by the group reads.

“We call upon our colleagues in Corporate America to join us in taking a non-partisan stand for equality and democracy. Each of us stands ready to work with you on what can and must be done,” the executives urged.

Watch the CNBC video reporting Corporations and business executives rail against new Georgia voting law:

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Do you support businesses’ opposition to voting law changes? In addition, do you agree that owners, CEOs, and executives should have a voice in political matters?

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  • Mike says:

    Big business needs to stop meddling in our election process. Georgia’s voting laws are for the good of all of us and will make things better for our voting process and our country. More states need to do the same.

  • Dave Watson says:

    They require us to provide ID in a lot of there business maybe we should boycott them .

  • Randy Morley says:

    This is all about voter ID. Nothing else. Liberals want dead people, felons, illegal aliens to be able to vote without any form of government issued ID. Note that no one is criticizing Colorado where MLB moved its game to which already has strict voter ID laws. So the Liberal and woke are simply being disingenuous again.

  • Brian Jordan says:

    Businessman are biased. Their involvement should be minimal. The integrity of elections is the number one priority. Only eligible voters should have an opportunity to vote.

  • Rosco says:

    I guess big business is the Democratic “Russian Medford”.
    If you need an I’d to buy liquor, or cigarettes, or to enter a federal building, or attend a meeting at Coca Cola, then I would guess an I’d to prove who you are to vote might be a prudent action.
    With the projected 22 million illegal aliens by the end of the year not requiring an I’d to vote, there will never be another fair election in this country – and socialism – the economic system that continues to prove does not work- will be the new system until it fails here as well.

  • Patrick Donahue says:


  • Donna J Smith says:

    Unfortunately this is no different than Lobbyist. They are just pandering to the “woke” crowd to increase their sales and images of their companies with who they feel are the ones with power right now.

  • Thomas Nevels Brownlow says:

    If we are not Very Careful in the Future, the Radical Left Wing Lunatic Marxist, Communist, and let’s not forget about the big one now, Nazi’s, will destroy this country from within itself!!! My Father flew both the B-17 and the B-29 during WWII in both theaters of operations, Europe, and the Pacific!!! In 1973, my Father told me and warned me these days were coming, and I had better be alert about that fact!!! I wonder how he knew that as far back as those days??? I flew the OH-60 Black Hawk Medivac Helicopter during Gulf War 1, in 1990-1991. In 1974, I had the honor to fly a B-17 in the Cock-Pit Right Seat, with the PIC, and my Father was allowed by the Aircraft Owner, to fly in the Observation Seat located right behind us. There is one Absolute thing I learned that day! As difficult as the OH-60 was to fly, especially in some of the High Density Altitude Areas and LZ’s, we had to fly in and out of, The OH-60 was a Go-Cart, as compared to the B-17 Flying Fortress!!! My point is this Americans, if we allow the things that are happening in America today to continue, then we just made a Mockery out of what my Father, and so many other Fathers, went through during the years of WWII !!! And, the United States of America, that many of us, were born in, raised and taught to believe in, will be Gone Forever!!! Better wake up Americans and I mean Fast!!!

  • Ronald T Sawyer says:

    Should have let me pick all the selection. Call your Senator and bitch

  • PAT L says:

    Our forefathers fought for the rights of every citizen. They did not fight to give businesses that right. They did not fight to give illegals and dead people the right to vote.

    Also, if a person doesn’t care enough to get a photo ID and set aside one day (two at the most) to vote every year or so, they don’t need to vote. Early voting has made that even easier to do. Absentee voting should be only for legitimate reasons a person cannot vote in person and a copy of their ID should be required to accompany the ballot which has to be postmarked by a certain date. .

    Personally, I’m sick of all this BS. All the mud slinging. All the lying. Whatever happened to accomplishments and qualifications?
    When did gender, race or sexual orientation become a qualification?

  • Michael John says:

    In our “free” country, the integrity of each citizen’s vote is absolutely and profoundly paramount. One citizen one vote, not one corporation one vote. Businesses (corporations) must not be allowed to “donate” (bribe) to any politician or political party… PERIOD!

    Business execs who oppose election integrity laws such as Georgia’s are unwittingly immature, unable to realize how they’re contributing to the destruction of our country and life’s greatest primary truths, first principles of excellence through virtuous freedom which includes personal responsibility.

    There is nothing more odious than destructively misguided virtue signaling which allows envy and hate to be acted out under the guise of (false) virtue.

    Our excellent USA constitution is of the people, by the people, for the people- not of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations!

  • Betty Cryder says:

    BIG BUSINESS has no business in politics. Better we boycott the CEOs so they know they are no irreplaceable.

  • John Deck says:

    It has long been held that since Corporations do not have the right to vote it is improper for their leaders to voice their opinion. It can cause employees to feel pressured to vote Company policy, not their conscience. When Corporations take a public stand employees can feel that they are being pressured to vote the Company line to keep their jobs. This pressure is unfair because it tantamount to illegally pressure. You could go so far as to say that the Corporations are buying votes.

  • Dale Brown says:

    That would be American voters with ID’s to show as such! When I followed closer to the happenings I was totally shocked at the blatant disregard for any integrity in this last voting process. Wow. Then we have this huge influx of migrant people who came from the exact type of system that is becoming apparent here. I can only pray that this careless and intentional act of fraud and power grab ends. Jesus help us to help ourselves!!

  • Francis Findley says:

    The Ceo’s that think Georgia is restricting people from voting are listening to the lies of the left and biased media. I always thought leaders of corporate America we’re smarter. My bad!

  • Kenneth Eccleston says:

    Not only big business should say out. So should Hollywood and artists. No one really cares about what they say or their opinion. Here is some advice. “your nose, your face, keep it there”! That can work with some individuals too.

  • CM says:

    With all the bailouts and “stimulus” money pouring in big business no longer fears economic boycotts from individuals. Big business no longer needs the customer when they are fused with government and can use government intervention to crush any competition. We are living in the beginning stages of corporate-fascism completely dismantling of our democratic republic and our way of life. Worst part is most people don’t really seem to care. Something happened to Americans in the last 25 years, the people became spineless, fearful, freedom hating slaves.

  • Debthunter says:

    It appears that the Georgia law is the same as several other states including but not limited to
    Folks who have a negative opinion should read it and compare.

  • David says:

    Thanks to CNN for naming them, I’ve now added them to my boycott list. Although I stopped watching the National Felon League about 10 years ago.

  • Dr. Reverend BigBoa says:

    This is a good demonstration why we need the electoral college.

    Can you imagine if New York and California controlled things? Big wigs as driving forces would make sure to dictate law throughout the nation. There would never again be a legitimate election. Not that it’s likely anyway, but that would guarantee it.

  • Mike Foxtrot says:

    Business entities should not be allowed to contribute to political candidates or political organizations. Only individual U.S. citizens should be allowed to support political candidates or organizations. Allowing Big Business to contribute skews the political outcomes to the point that the individual citizens’ influence is minimized.

  • BBA says:

    Welcome to Communism!! Where the ultra wealthy fund the corrupt politicians and then the corrupt politicians direct the CEO’s where & how to voice their supposed opinion. We are not at a crossroads people but rather already past that point straight on the road to Socialism without stopping!!

  • Joe says:


  • Wimmer says:

    We have so many things going on that is so ridiculous this is one of them. The only people that have no right to legal voting are your middle class and poor Americans. As usual money talks and socialism and communism walks pick your battle people. These corporations and ball players should have no special say and legal voting.

  • Bill says:

    These CEOs apparently don’t read the bills they are against! They just let woke dems tell them what to do!!!

  • nick gloden says:

    They have been doing this illegally for years.Like boeings would walk into a shop and say,we are all voting this way,right?Now its legal for them? Crazy.

  • Tali says:

    Like it or not everyone has to pick a side in this. Not because we should involve our business, but because these communist companies are forcing it. We also need to stand together. Our American way of life is at stake.

  • Robert says:

    Once again, we find the likes of “The Barack O’Bu**H*le Puppet Master” in control of the strings of our lives! He and his Muslim Brotherhood managed to insert huge numbers of his ilk into communities in the dead of night to aid in destroying The United States of America. Side by side withe dirt bags such as George Soros and others exactly like him have massively profited from our destruction. The Gates Foundation and other Eugenicist based groups in league with the “WHO” and the Communist Chinese intentionally spread a virus throughout the globe to destabilize the worlds economies and while we were chasing our tails with mask and distancing regulations being forced upon us, they used the very chaos they created to further destabilize the country with a mass storming of illegal immigration of America’s southern border. There is not a single avenue they are not using, including using anarchist groups flooding just about every major city in the country, looting and burning everything to the ground. Most are seeing this as “things that are just happening”, instead of realizing that all of this is being done intentionally, totally for the wallets and benefits of aforementioned individuals. Communism is all ready here. Folks, this is exactly why the 2nd Amendment was created by, The Framers of our Constitution” in the meantime the 2nd Amendment is being ripped away piece by piece. Very soon, I fear, we will no longer have any defense against anything that gets thrown at us. If we do not stand and fight back, we’re done……….

  • Cecelia says:

    This is just another ploy to make sure that they take whatever rights as American citizens that we have left away from us!!! Stay alert because soon they will be taking other rights and we will all end up with whatever they want!!! It started with fear Tactics with the World Trade Center, then they started with the taking away and searching you privately before you are boarded a plane, next it’s the right to speech then the guns they won’t stop until they’ve turned us into a controlled United States of America!!! The word “FREEDOM” has nothing to do with being CONTROLLED”!!! Wake up AMERICA!!!

  • Connie says:

    Corporations are being influenced by, and in many cases controlled, by indoctrinated Marxists. They are the whores of Babylon with no care for America and making sure elections are honest and protected from fraud. They care only about making money for shareholders and kissing the ass of whatever politician helps them do that or at least shares their Marxist agenda. Stop allowing them to donate to political parties or politicians and maybe they would divert that to their employees or programs in the local community that can do immediate good as long as it’s not more propaganda on partisan issues. One has to ask why the Democrats are so against laws that insure voter integrity. Perhaps for the very reason that the laws DO make sure only legal citizens that are alive get only one vote heh?

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