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White House Official: ‘Beijing Biden’ Has Cost America 5 Million Jobs



White House Official: ‘Beijing Biden’ Has Cost America 5 Million Jobs

Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s weak China policy has already cost the country millions of manufacturing jobs. With this, White House trade advisor Peter Navarro says “Beijing Biden's” victory in November would make those numbers even worse.

Talking with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Navarro said the United States has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs to China, and President Trump is the only hope to stem the tide of job losses.

He laughed while pointing out the timing of recent comments by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and an endorsement of Joe Biden by China's state-run tabloid Global Times. The Democratic nominee was “Good news for Beijing” as he represents “US liberal pro-established elites,” according to the tabloid. Additionally, it says he is “more reasonable” than President Trump.

“It’s interesting that in the same week, Nancy Pelosi in the rotunda said that Joe Biden was the preferred candidate of the Chinese Communist Party and then the Global Times comes out effectively with their endorsement. What would that mean for the American people? We know it would mean. Devastation in the Midwest, blue-collar workers just getting hammered.”

“We lost over 70,000 factories, over 5 million manufacturing jobs, and it was because Joe Biden likes made in China,” Navarro said. “Donald Trump came along. … He said, ‘Hey, that's not good. That's not right. I'm going to fix that.’”

Navarro pointed to Trump’s policies that encouraged the return of manufacturing jobs here in the US. Most importantly, it pushed for securing our pharmaceutical production here in the US.

China and U.S. Policies

China has recently voiced their displeasure with US policies by implying they would withhold critical pharmaceutical ingredients.

Bartiromo mentioned a recent “threat” from China that was published in the South China Morning News that said “If the US keeps poking Heiwei, then maybe the Chinese officials will not export the medicines that are so vital to America.”

Additionally, an  estimated 70-80% of the active ingredients in our drugs are produced in China.

Navarro said bringing that production back to the United States is not only a matter of economic security, but will also mean more high-paying jobs.

“Economic security is national security. That's one of the principles of the Trump Administration and what we learned from this China virus pandemic. If we bring those jobs back onshore as we have been doing, we will create great jobs at great wages but also protect the American people from the Chinese communist party.”

Navarro then added, “Speaking of those medicines that China wants to bully us with, the President signed an executive order that will essentially enforce buy American rules and promote advanced manufacturing of pharmaceuticals right here in the good old USA. So ‘Beijing Biden’ vs. ‘Made in America’ Donald J. Trump. I think that's one of the stark differences between the two sides.”

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