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Supreme Court Rejects Biden’s New Eviction Moratorium



Despite the covid 19 pandemic shutdown, a sign in the parking lot of an apartment complex reminds renters that Rent is due on the 1st | Supreme Court Rejects Biden’s New Eviction Moratorium | featured

The US Supreme Court nullified the eviction moratorium issued by the White House. This ended protections for millions of Americans who fell behind on their rent payments during the pandemic. More importantly, the SC decision gave the administration of President Joe Biden its second SC setback in as many days. 

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Supreme Court Votes 6-3 to Lift New Eviction Moratorium

In a 6-3 vote, the Supreme Court lifted the new eviction moratorium. The decision said that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not have the authority to issue this measure.

In addition, the decision also said that landlords currently suffer from “irreparable harm” while this ban remains in effect. In the unsigned opinion, the SC shifted the responsibility to Congress.

“It would be one thing if Congress had specifically authorized the action that the CDC has taken. But that has not happened. It strains credulity to believe that this statute grants the CDC the sweeping authority that it asserts.”

Meanwhile, the dissenting votes came from liberal justices Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. They said that the court decided on the issue without full briefing and argument.

“The public interest strongly favors respecting the CDC’s judgment at this moment, when over 90% of counties are experiencing high transmission rates. That figure is the highest it has been since at least last winter,” Brewery wrote on behalf of the three. 

White House Disappointed With Decision

Meanwhile, the White House expressed its disappointment with the higher court’s decision. Last Thursday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki credited the CDC’s eviction moratoriums for saving lives while the pandemic rages on.

“As a result of this ruling, families will face the painful impact of evictions, and communities across the country will face greater risk of exposure to Covid-19,” she added. 

The lifting of the new eviction moratorium is the send loss for Bide this week. Earlier the courts sided with the Trump’s administration “Remain in Mexico”  policy, saying that Biden can’t overturn it. The policy requires asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while waiting for their immigration hearing outcome. 

New Eviction Moratorium Up to Congress

Previously, the Supreme Court didn’t address an earlier and similar moratorium. During that time though, Associate Justice Brett Kavanaught said that any subsequent extensions will require an Act of Congress.  

However, Congress didn’t take up a measure on the new eviction moratorium. Instead, the body pushed for the President to issue a newer and limited moratorium.

Specifically, the new measure specified that the ban covers only counties with  “substantial or high rates of community transmission” of the coronavirus. At present, counties with high rates comprise about 95% of the total United States. 

New Moratorium

As a result, Biden issued the new moratorium through the CDC earlier this August, soon as the original extension expired. In the new version, government lawyers argued that the Delta variant makes the eviction ban more necessary. Holding off eviction can prevent people from getting crowded accommodations.

In addition to the extended rent relief, Biden said that the measures also gives the government more time to distribute rental aid. Congress earlier granted more than $45 billion in rent relief.

Currently, state governments are charged with issuing the relief payments to landlords. However, the processing and distribution of the relief will need some time to finish.

In fact, the Treasury Department said Wednesday that they only managed to release $1.7 billion in rental assistance in July. Overall, the agency released only $5.1 billion from the $45 billion program. Hence, the reason for issuing a new moratorium even as many doubted it will pass the Supreme Court. 

Landlords Say Moratorium Flouted the Law

The petitioners against the new eviction ban included landlord groups and real-estate trade associations from Alabama and Georgia. They accused the Biden administration of flouting the rule of law.

Meanwhile, Representative Cori Bush (D-MO), one of the primary supporters of the new eviction moratorium, called on Congress to act quickly. “We already know who is going to bear the brunt of this disastrous decision — Black and brown communities, and especially Black women,” Bush said in a statement.

Watch the WGN News video reporting that the US Supreme Court ends federal eviction moratorium:

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Do you agree with the US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the administration’s moratorium ban? What do you think is a better solution to address issues on rent payments during the pandemic?

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  • Cindy says:

    Our country does not need more homeless no one should be homeless in our great country

  • Angela Brzeczkowski says:

    Have some dignity for yourself and get a JOB! Living off the government like a caged animal is on those that CHOOSE to do so. This is a choice America, wake up.

  • James Strickland says:

    Since the government cannot seem to run any program efficiently there’s no way a rent moratorium does anything but hurt the home owners. Especially since people on unemployment are making more than if they were working.

  • Patriot says:

    Stop the madness; get a job and pay your rent.

  • L.G. says:

    If people can work and pay their rent, then they need to continue to work. They don’t need to rely on the Government. The Government wants to keep as much money for themselves as possible. That’s why we can’t get a fourth stimulus check or even continue to get to get help.

  • BBA says:

    @Cindy! This country does not need anymore Welfare leeches so with as many companies begging for workers these government tit fed people need to get off of their lazy asses and rejoin the workforce!! If they fail to make rent or make a car payment then they should be walking to their cardboard box home. We need to get back to being AMERICANS to where self pride and dignity overrides laziness and self pity entitlement! I am ashamed of my country right now in the most disgusted kind of way. PAY YOUR DAMN BILLS! It is not my responsibility to pay it for you!

  • carol says:

    Get a job. Everyone is hiring. Businesses are struggling because people don’t want to work. Enough of living off the system. If a little assistance is needed fine but get off your butts and get a job!!!

  • START PEDALING!!! says:



  • RLM says:

    If the government would quit giving the immigrants and illegals, other countries funding for nonsense and cut the pay of everyone in the white house, focusing more on relevant issues things would be a whole lot better. Doesn’t make sense to fund gender equality and/or changing genders, that doesn’t make any sense. God doesn’t make mistakes, Fund the United States. Quit making our country suffer. They don’t care about the American people. Some people are legitimately having a hard time, even though they have jobs. Make the people who don’t want to work to support themselves be accountable. As long as they are getting more money not working, lol they aren’t going to do anything but keep their hand out and do nothing. This is all just crazy.
    There are people who really want to be self sufficient.
    Lord have mercy on us all.
    Get back to the way it was, the way our country was founded.
    Put God first in all things.
    He will hear our prayers.
    Thank you

  • Get a job deadbeats says:

    Get a job you deadbeats

  • Justin says:

    A great victory for families! You were too lazy to get a job & got caught with your pants down. Through this entire pandemic, my job was deemed highly essential (not as high as medical or other categories) so I had to go to work. Bills are inevitable – they don’t stop coming. In my opinion, you should have had enough money in your bank account to cover your rent.

  • YS says:

    Government is paying people to stay at home with extra unemployment benefits. Why don’t they use this to pay rent? Why should landlords bear the burden, they have mortgages and expenses too. For some landlords, it has been 18 months! How can they ever recoup their loss? How can tenants pay all the back rent? Government has no business meddling!

  • Roger Earl says:

    If they could have paid their rent they should have done so. I believe that a number of our citizens that this was going to be another “free cash” giveaway by the government. They should be required to pay their back rent. I could have taken advantage of this but I didn’t.

  • Ed says:

    Homeless is a bad word for anyone. But not working is too. Jobs create paychecks which allow paying rent. NO ONE is entitled to free housing. Especially if you smoke or drink or spend money an fun things until you are back on your feet.

  • Bev says:

    Need to go to work, know several people who refused jobs because they would lose the government money. Shameless!!

  • Jan says:

    The government is shelling out money like it grows on trees! Wake up America, this going to cost us ALL in huge tax hikes. No more rent-free for those who refuse to go back to work. Stop the ridiculous unemployment and turn it back the way it was when people had to seek out 3-5 employers a week to qualify for benefits. If they refuse work – well then good luck and I hope you have a nice cardboard box!! GET TO WORK – you are not special!!

  • The professor says:

    I hope some of these landlords are using their head and requesting their tenants to work on their property since they’re living there for free …. mowing the grass painting this painting that …. even having them do work on the landlord’s property …. this is just a suggestion I don’t have rentals I just have my own property …… but just wait to all these illegals get settled in where are they going to live how are they going to pay rent this country is in a lot of trouble …… and enclosing look at Bill Gates warren Buffett Bezos Zuckerberg ….what are they doing for their fellow Americans

  • Uriah L McNiel says:

    Stop being a free loader Get A Job, Pay Your Own Bills

  • Sharon Stewart says:

    Biden & his “Squad” are the ones that set the pay to stay at home program. To make bad matters worse, Biden & “Squad” listened to the lying, dumb ass Fauci & told people to stay at home, NOT go to work. The COVID is nothing to laugh about but the political ploy of using it to “CONTOL” American Citizens is an escape & Punishment to those of us that have held long-term jobs. Unfortunately, Biden has closed businesses, all in the name of COVID & forced people out of their jobs & caused business owners to lose their livelihood as well as their employees. I TOTALLY AGREE people should work & NOT depend on Gov’t paying their way. I am royally pissed about Gov’t setting unreasonable & damming restrictions that cost us TAXPAYERS money. The Gov’t is not paying for these people; we are. We are in DIRE NEED FOR THE SUPREME COURT, DOJ & EVERY OTHER ENTITY TO UNDO MORE OF BIDEN’S DANGEROUS, COMMUNISTIC, DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA! HE HAS COMMITTED TREASON,

  • Showstopper says:

    At this point in the pandemic, people should be paying their rent. Jobs are available. Landlords have to pay their bills, and don’t have the luxury of blaming COVID.
    People need to realize that ongoing “efforts” for rent relief have nothing to do with helping people. It is a power play for more control. Some love “free money” but nothing is free. It is redistribution of power, not even wealth, and that power for control over our lives is going to a select few. They are trying to get us to sell our souls for a few dollars.

  • Jimmy Myers says:

    No body told you to not to get a job tired of paying lazy people’s bill land lords should not have to foot lazy people’s bills

  • Rodney says:

    I’m not for being homeless so get a job and work it out with your landlord, and by the way not all renters were given relief from the government, there is no relief offered for the home owners that still had to pay there mortgage payments. Where do you think that money came from, our pockets and did without to make them. Wake up and stop mooching!

  • John O'Dower says:

    Why should landowners bear the brunt of people not willing to work? Employers are begging people to come to work and, why should Americans use the pandemic as an excuse to seek more entitlements? Doesn’t seem too American to this old farm boy. And, as a thought, I wonder how many of the homeless living in LA actually prefer living off the grid?

  • Marilyn Floyd says:

    I think congress should give a one shot payment to pay off what people owned like back rent and then let them show proof that they is looking for work if they don’t get a job in a matter of time at less give them 7 time to show proof that they be looking but the seven time is when they will have a job . Put Americans back to work. They getting lazy some people not all. That’s what I think give them seven months

  • Terry C. says:

    Unemployed because of Covid? Then as a minimum call your previous employer and let them know that you are willing to return to work! Many employers are desperate to hire good employees, and he knows your work ethic. Otherwise, hit the unemployment office with a vengeance! A better job could be waiting for you! Keep what you have received to date from the gov’t. and use it wisely. Consider it a blessing from God to get you thru hard times.

  • W richardson says:

    Get a job and pay your bills like everyone else have a little pride in yourself quit sucking the government tit grow up hope the SC strikes down more government bull

  • Jonathan says:

    It should not fall on landlords to carry the burden in times of crisis. The moratorium should have extended to the banks and investors too. Additionally, the country was not uniformly affected so it should have been on a state-by-state basis rather than nationally. Utah wasn’t hurt as badly as was Mississippi for instance.

  • Carl says:

    This is, indeed, a tough question. On one hand, the Landlords are still incurring mortgage and tax costs without relief. On the other, no one wants to see people made homeless. I am in favor of a phased-in approach, wherein a hard but reasonable deadline is set to pay 50% of the back rent, with a sliding scale to pay the rest. A shorter, but harder date, should be set for good faith payments on back rent with a minimum amount of xx% by a specified date, otherwise eviction.

  • Gabriel Maxey says:

    At present indeed many have been fetting over on us fellow citizens are neighbors. People please realize us that work while your beliefs are getting over on our government not true. Us tax payers are the ones your stealing from not your so called government! God does not like ugly religion saying obey your government does not qualify those who can work to not work. Let’s all come together do are part no break us apart from the very much believable founders decision as our constitution was written. I urge my own family myself and all others who read this opinion you can oppose except remember Gods watching. That beieng said I agree those who truly deserving of covid relief should be considered.

  • Ali says:

    I can’t say it enough to my fellow Americans…. Please don’t re-elect all of the people in your districts or in Congress or in the Senate who continue to support the demise of our great nation…GET EM OUTTA THERE!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Excuse after excuse don’t want to return to work scared of being infected with covid. Then go get the shot it’s free. Smashed that excuse. Can’t afford daycare if I return to work.if you was paying for daycare befopre you got laid off then you can pay it after you go back to work.that excuse don’t make much sense now does it.i wouldn’t want to work either if my tent was paid my food was given to me plus my unemployment was increased by up to 600 per check. The Americans who worked thru the whole covid bullshit received very little extra help and most nothing at all and took all the risk. So quit complaining your not fooling anyone and no one feels sorry for ya. Get a job and pay your own way. America is tired of paying your way thru life and the whole time your screaming how unfair your treated and people are holding you back because of your race or color. You the only person holding you back. Lazy complaining scamming raciest Instagators.

  • George says:

    People were paying their rent when they were working they were layed off received more money on unemployment and quit paying their bills hiring every where know wonder job numbers were low this biden administration is trying to destroy AMERICAN by making us a socialist country no borders let anyone in the country if we keep going this way our country will be gone our kids and grandkids will struggle to live while this type of government will keep getting richer and controlling

  • George says:

    Get a job lots of places to work when people were getting more money on unemployment they were still not paying their rent

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