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Rubio Mocks Biden’s ‘Bring Back Socialist’ Spending Plan



U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida | Rubio Mocks Biden’s ‘Bring Back Socialist’ Spending Plan | featured

Rubio Mocks Biden’s ‘Bring Back Socialist’ | On Thursday, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) Thursday criticized President Joe Biden’s proposed spending plan as a ‘Build Back Socialist’ program.

He released a video criticizing renewed efforts by the White House to reintroduce their spending proposal. The new version scaled its budget from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion. 

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Plan Is Not Build Back Better, But Build Back Socialist

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference-Bring Back Socialist

The Florida Republican released his video on YouTube and other social media platforms. “The media and pundits are going to claim that this proves that Biden is this great dealmaker, bridging the divide between the big-government socialists and huge-government socialists,” Rubio said.

“It’s going to fall on those of us who know the truth and see this plan for what it is to inform the American people. This plan is not ‘Build Back Better’ … this plan is to ‘Build Back Socialist,” he added. 

In addition to the video, Rubio’s office also released a press statement. It described the revised budget as “a multi-trillion socialist spending plan” that goes beyond Biden’s term.

In particular, Rubio referenced “the Democrats’ intra-party drama,” which referred to disagreements within the party that led to the death of the original plan.

He also warned Americans to stay wary of the Democrat’s proposal. “The whole focus is going to be on the fake top-line number,” he said. 

Build Back Better Version 2

Earlier, President Joe Biden unveiled an update to the “Build Back Better” proposal, which Rubio mocked as the “Build Back Socialist” plan.

He scaled the budget from the absurdly large $3.5 trillion initial layouts to $1.75 trillion. The reduction aims to appease some of the Democrats who withdrew their support in favor of a smaller price tag. 

“The $1.75 trillion proposal focuses on care for families, addressing the climate crisis, expanding access to health care, lowering costs for the middle class and tax reforms,” according to a CNN report.

“The President on Thursday morning headed to Capitol Hill to pitch his framework to the House Democratic Caucus and will later deliver remarks from the White House to make his case to the American people.”

Many Social Programs Dropped From Plan

The new bill drops paid family leave, but keeps universal preschool as well as child care subsidies. Biden also said that the new plan expands “affordable housing,” focuses on climate change policies, and expands the social safety net.

The initiative is “the most transformative investment in children and caregiving in generations, the largest effort to combat climate change in history, a historic tax cut for tens of millions of middle-class families and the biggest expansion of affordable health care in a decade,” a senior administration official said.

Earlier, Biden had to reintroduce the spending bill at a lower cost due to the failure of Democrats to agree to the final version.

Progressive members of the party showed unwillingness to back the bill if moderates won’t support the social programs. At the same time, key centrist senators wouldn’t give their support unless major cuts were made.

As a result, Biden had to contend with a stripped version that carries around half the original price tag. Now, the new plan will need total Democrat support to make it to a floor vote. 

Watch The Hill’s news video: ‘This Plan Is To Build Back Socialist': Rubio Blasts Biden's Spending Package:

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  • Richard Smarker says:


  • BBA says:

    They are only getting started people. If we do not end this communist takeover of this country, THE PEOPLES country, our future is very grim as a free society!!

  • Willard pigg says:

    Biden don’t deserve the title of president, he’s the sorrys form of a human I’ve seen in 86years,he stole the election to start with.hes a demon from Hell and he and the biggest part of the Democratic party are out to destroy this Country and everything it use to stand for. Mr.Rubio your right,Run for President,you got my Vote.

  • Carmine DeCarlo says:

    We need an infrastructure overhaul nobody will disagree with that fact. What we don’t need is free collage and selling our youth on the pipe dream that everyone will have an office job in an airconditioned building with free coffee in the lunch room. We need to push the trade schools as much as we push collage. Carpenters who work hard and learn there trade can easily make more money than a collage graduate these days. The rule of supply and demand always applies, if everyone has a collage degree than a collage degree is equal to a high school degree. If there are not enough trade people they will out earn the collage grads. We need skilled workers to carry out the infrastructure work not collage grads turning wrenches and swinging hammers.

  • Homeofthebrave says:

    Perhaps the money they’re including for expanding IRS is that they’re worried those of us who work and pay taxes, will get fed up and refuse to pay for them. The socialist agenda is destroying the work ethic of the younger generation. I hate the use of my money to do these harmful giveaways. The new one os giving away $1M (each) to every illegal immigrant that got separated from their family. Maybe its time….we go en masse to the border and stop the insanity….all quit paying taxes.

  • Bobby Gibson says:

    We need to stop this communist movement now. If we don’t stop it now before they get a big foot hold we will have to fight physically to get our country back.Democrat Representatives who do not support communism should be working with a republican counterparts to stop it

  • JOEL K GOODMAN says:


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