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Palantir Exec Calls Men Who Take Long Paternity Leave ‘Losers’



Businessman looking after newborn baby at home and teleworking | Palantir Exec Calls Men Who Take Long Paternity Leave ‘Losers’ | featured

Palantir co-founder Jon Lansdale called new dads “losers” if they take six months’ paternity leave. The prominent venture capitalist, who now works as a managing partner for is now facing criticism following his comments. 

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Lonsdale Triggered By Transportation Secretary Buttigieg’s Paternity Leave

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Lonsdale responded to a Wednesday tweet pertaining to US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Buttigieg took two months off work for paternity, as he took care of his twin newborns.

The original tweet was from Axios editor Dan Primack, who criticized talk show celebrity Joe Rogan for calling out Buttigieg’s paternity leave.

Primack said that “Joe Rogan apparently didn't know paternity leave exists while criticizing Buttigieg.  Meanwhile, the company he works for (Spotify) offers 6 months of paid parental leave, regardless of gender.”

The co-founder of analytics software company Palantir sneered at the idea of extended leaves for father. He replied to Primack’s tweet by saying paternity leave is unnecessary. “Wow. 

Great for fathers to spend time with their kids and support moms, but any man in an important position who takes 6 months of leave for a newborn is a loser.

In the old days, men had babies and worked harder to provide for their future – that’s the correct masculine response,” he posted. 

Swift Rebukes From Other Twitter Users

It didn’t take long for others to criticize Lonsdale’s opinion. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian responded that he “proudly” took his full paternity leave and would do it again. “Turns out it helped me win even more,” he said.

Ohanian is husband to tennis great Serena Williams, and the couple has one daughter, Olympia. Ohanian is also a leading advocate for men to share care-taking responsibilities.

He said that research shows that sharing parental duties gives women more opportunities for career growth and fair pay. 

Another venture capitalist, Garry Tan, founder of Initialized Capital, also took exception to Lonsdale’s tweet. Tan defended his firm's policy, which offers four-month paternity leave.

“Respect that people have different choices, but being a dad is awesome and there is more to life than work and money,” he tweeted in response. 

Lonsdale Stands By His Comment

By Thursday, Lonsdale said that several chief executives were “trolling” him for his comments. “Over ten CEOs so far today trolling me by explaining they are about to take six months off to spend with their families. Love you guys,” he said.

“Nothing is more important than our families*. Am excited to get home to Tayler and my girls tomorrow after a short trip. *(But really, 6 months?).”

Later, Lonsdale admitted that using the word “loser” was “unnecessary” for this opinion. He also said that he “respects that there are different approaches to this and shouldn't have been so harsh” about others’ views. 

However, Lonsdale doubled down on his comment on traditional gender roles and said he’s standing by it. 

Lonsdale Moved From California to Texas

Prior to this incident, Lonsdale was no stranger to right-wing viewpoints. Last year, the executive moved from San Francisco, CA to Austin, TX.

He said his reason for moving was that he was angry with California’s taxes and liberal ideas. Lonsdale added that he’s attracted to Austin’s more liberal gun laws and the absence of state personal income taxes.

Watch the Daily Blast Live video reporting that Pete Buttigieg Called a ‘Loser’ for Taking Paternity Leave:

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