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Ford Has A Lot Riding On The Electric F-150



Ford Car and Truck Dealership. Ford sells cars, SUVs, pick up trucks and heavy duty vehicles | Ford Has A Lot Riding On The Electric F-150 | Featured

With the unveiling of the Electric F-150 Lighting last Wednesday, Ford is placing its bet that electric vehicles will start mainstream for Americans. At the same time, Ford wants the return to prominence of American-made vehicles. 

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Electric F-150 Lightning Will Set The Automotive Industry’s Direction

Ford sees the Electric F-150 Lightning as its strategic bet that’s poised to pay off big. The Lightning can symbolize what President Joe Biden’s vision of the next-generation American automobile looks like.

The Lightning is American-made and designed for both blue-collar and tech workers. It’s electric-powered but performs the same as the big bad pickups found across America.

During the launch, Ford asked Biden to check out the vehicle. The president gladly visited the Rouge complex to take a closer look. He even climbed aboard a unit for a test drive. 

The launch foreshadows a challenge for the American auto industry.  The International Energy Agency said that the energy sector is targeting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. To do so, electric vehicles need to capture at least 60% of global car sales by 2031.  By 2035, all new cars must run on electricity. 

Ford’s Rivals Also Scrambling to Sell Electric Cars

Other automakers such as General Motors and Volvo are also looking to contribute their share to zero emissions by 2050. However, the transformation faces a lot of challenges.

Charging stations need building, supply chains need securing, and factories need adjusting. These changes do not address a fundamental question: Do consumers even want an electric car?  

Ford hopes the F-150 Lightning is that EV that they want. Darren Palmer, Ford’s head of battery electric vehicles said it’s more than just Ford.

“There's a lot at stake here, not just for Ford, but really for the country. This could be the point when people really notice electric [vehicles].”

There’s A Market For American EVs

In fact, there is already a growing legion of would-be buyers who prefer big old American cars like Ford or GM. Instead of a Tesla or a Nissan Leaf, they want electric versions of their pickups or muscle cars.

“That vehicle is going to come in and fill a void. And if it's affordable, I mean, it's going to be a game-changer,” noted Shelley Francis, co-founder of EVHybridNoire. The group is a network of electric vehicle fans.

“It's the No. 1-selling vehicle in the country just across the board. It's also the No. 1-selling vehicle among African American communities.

Then when you think about rural communities … there's an opportunity for this community to be part of this conversation,” Francis added. 

Incoming Flood of Electric Pickups

Ford's F-150 Lightning is just the start of an incoming barrage of electric pickups for sale. This includes a spate of startups like Rivian’s $75,000 truck.

Rivian is targeting deliveries next month and capture the distinction as the first E-pickup to market. Lordstown Motors is also unveiling a pickup marketed to businesses.

Then, there’s Tesla’s vaunted Cybertruck, the futuristic pickup that offers a lower-priced model. 

Meanwhile, GM is reintroducing the Hummer back as a premium electric pickup, with an initial price tag of more than $100,000. Chevrolet is coming out with an electric Silverado, while a battery-powered Ram will eventually come out. 

Challenge For The Electric F-150 Lightning

The F-150 is America's best-selling vehicle for over 40 years. Ford sells more than 1 million F-series trucks per year and earns raking in more than $40 billion annually. This is more money than what McDonald's or Nike earns in a year. 

However, it doesn't automatically mean Ford owners will automatically jump at the driver’s seat of an electric vehicle. Surveys report that more than half of pickup owners are not interested in going electric.

Palmer hopes that vehicle owners follow the cordless drill analogy. Switching to a better tool isn’t hard if the new technology is better. “The functionality difference…was better. Everybody wanted the best tool. It's the same thing,” Palmer said.

Watch the Ford Motor Company promotional video featuring the All-Electric F-150 Lightning: Turning Electric Into Lightning:

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  • Leo Arbaugh says:

    I don’t believe the countries electrical grid is capable of handling the mass charging of electrical vehicles. The national grid and infrastructure in the U S has not been upgraded since the 60’s.
    The Electric Co can hardly keep up with power demands doing winter storms and summer heat waves.

  • Tom says:

    EV’s are entirely too expensive compared to combustion engined vehicles. And, too expensive to own/run. Especially considering the “green” aspects of ownership.

    EV’s are being pushed to enrich some “connected” people. That is why the Government is shoving them up our ass and down our throat’s.

  • John says:

    Never go Electric!! They just cannot perform like Gas or Deisel trucks!!

  • Gilbert Larsen says:

    I live in western Nebraska and it’s to far between places in the Sandhills to use an ev

  • Dan says:

    Ev’s are going to be the death of our planet. There is nothing sustainable about them. Just more lies to push the fake green agenda.

  • John Norton says:

    I own a pickup and have no intention of going electric. Range is terrible and takes way to long to refuel.

  • William R Phillips says:

    Mr Leo; I agree with your statement of the countries electrical grid and its non-capability of handling higher demands. These financially influenced politicians keep forgetting that over 50% of all electric is still produced by fossil fuels. They’re definitely putting the cart before the horse. I am the proud owner of a 1990 Ford F150 and I will keep my gas powered, tow what I need, easy to work on, inexpensive vehicle until it dies. Than I’ll go buy another just like it.

  • David Macmeekin says:

    They need to be proven 1st. The last thing i want is to be off road camping and the battery light comes on LOW CHARGE.. no thank you.

  • William R Phillips says:

    You are correct Dan. These politicians are pushing their fake green agenda. The only green they’re worried about is the green going in their pockets.

  • Kenny G says:

    Electric technogy and charging has a long way to go. I travel 26 weeks a year as an engineering consultant. Usually across several states. There needs to be a whole lot of new charging stations. Also to achieve enough power for travel hours, there has to be a transfer of significant power in quick fill times. Real concern about the overloaded grid being able to support such usage. Real concern over fires created by equipment once it reaches the 2 to 5 year life. Electric stations with the needed power transfer will need significant maintenance. That’s the problems I see still facing electrics.

  • Jeff says:

    I currently own an F250 but if Ford decides to go with electric trucks and do away with gasoline and diesel l vehicles, I’ll be buying a Toyota or whatever other make that is gasoline powered. The cost of these EV’s will be too high for the average joe to afford not to mention the jobs that will more than likely be lost in auto manufacturing. The EV market is only 2% so who are they pandering to?

  • Butch says:

    Don’t plan on going to electric car or truck . Takes too long to charge. If I want to go to Grand Canyon from Alabama, got to stop and charge ! At what cost ?! Battery goes bad, what is cost there ?! Wind farms proven not to work . Still have to make electricity . Don’t like government telling me what to fo .

  • Damon Poor says:

    No and it really has little to do with “it’s not American Muscle” as it does the lie they are “green vehicles” they are not. There is so much that is wrong with this push for all electric cars when we do not have the infrastructure to support it. I live in California where brown outs in the summer are now commonplace because we cant supply enough electricity to the population because of a fragile power grid. The push for wind and solar generation is also stupid as there is no way that the two can provide the power needed to all the homes and businesses. Imagine everyone plugging their vehicle in at 5pm when they arrive home. Here his the biggest problem though, MOST Americans do not have the finances to afford the technology and will be left out of self transportation and ultimately that is the goal of the “greenie” elitist, it’s control plain and simple. We should not jump ship from our current means of fueling America and our energy needs because of Climate alarmist and the Parris accord that is non-binding and the two greatest polluters China and India have no intentions of following. We were energy independent less than a year ago but no longer. I worked for Ford as a dealership mechanic and have driven Fords all my life but my opinion of the company is diminishing greatly.

  • 2ASF says:

    Mehh, the technology isn’t reliable enough ye. Also, once Ford announced they were for “The great reset” here in the US I wrote them off.

  • Jerome says:

    Just bought a new F350 you cannot beat the power, I don’t believe the EV can keep up in that department over the long haul. Diesel pusher for life!

  • Richard Beemer says:

    Electromotion,soley or in hybrid application will be taken much more seriously when the breakthrough in battery technology happens solves the range and charging time problems.
    Yes, the electric grid is another aspect problem.What powers the grid ? Pushing the pollution back to the grid.It will take more nuclear generation which up until now has been horrendously expensive,but small stationary and mobile nuke generators have been developed.
    It will all be sorted out in time.This is the experimentation phase

  • Les says:

    With Brownouts occurring nation wide and decommisioning of coal fired and fossil fueled electrical generation plants being Bidens big push, we are going o\to be in trouble, coupled with aging electrical grid, a diasaster in the making.

    Statistically it is a fact that we cannot produce enough”green energy” to support our energy consumption (appetite) as a nation, unless we degenerate into a third world situation where only the elite have access to the energy they need to support life- that we all now enjoy.

    support my statement with 18 years in the power industry,and 3 degrees, in the fields of natural resources and conservation, and illlustrated by the frozen diasaster in Texas last winter, costing lives and freezing pipes, damaging a large percentage of
    the common (that’s you and me , folks) population, which would be further exacerbated by dependence or legislated dependence on EV trucks or cars.

    That being said, a truly open and freemarket (if there is any such thing anymore) will determine the best and healthiest outcome, It’s exciting to see these new vehicles, however, they may be afforded by by only a small percentage of the population and we still need the existing fuel driven vehicles, both, socially, economically and conservation wise, the least environemntal impact being made by using , recycling or reusing what we already have produced and is in service thru and existing production facitities, lines, engineeering and salvage.

  • Gman says:

    I can’t support an industry that depends on children as young as 7 mining Cobalt in DROC to produce the Lithium batteries required for these electric vehicles. This is just one of many issues with electric vehicles. The GND is one of the biggest frauds being perpetrated on America. Apparently black lives matter so long as you’re not a child in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Jackie Moran says:

    Wonder why they don’t tell ya how far on a full charge towing 6-10 k/ lbs. Don’t use a pickup for groceries or show, use for towing, period. When one can go 500-600 miles towing moderate loads call me. I live in the real world. By the way with most charging at nite, will definitely leave out solar farms for all the generation needed for all those save the icecaps folks! Oh my.

  • Michael Pulley says:

    Might as well let me be a test driver and advisor being retired from Marine Corps, Postal Service and Fire Department and a truck owner F100 since 1979 I have drove many trucks what y’all say?

  • Howard says:

    Let Ford sell them to
    The Mexicans I have brought my last FORD they moved to Mexico screw them!

  • Howard says:

    Besides the fact that Big Joebwants them I don’t trust the traitor or the American sell out government! He’s a phony and a liar!

  • barracuda922 says:

    This is all to let you know that Nancy Pelosi bought stock in Tesla before the green deal was signed so Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House has done insider trading and has sold this country out

  • Pete says:

    You buy a truck to fit your needs. I have a 2000 F150 with the “It’s Paid For” option so I’m not in the market. That being said I use the truck as a daily driver in a suburban setting; short distance, light loads from Home Depot, team gear to Lacrosse practice, moving daughter’s apartment etc. An electric F150 would probably fit my needs just fine. Long distance drives to a work site without a charging station probably wouldn’t work. Don’t dismiss the truck because it’s electric, that’s just another power source. I’m sure that Ford has done their market research and figured that they will be able to sell a lot of electric trucks.
    It all comes down to:
    1. What do I need?
    2. What do I want?
    3. $$$$

  • David Bagdasarian says:

    Not on a bet, I own a 95 F150 and a 96 Toyota Prius the Prius has 246000 the F150 has 90000! When the SHTF it’ll be a tossup.

  • Teresa Russell says:

    I will NOT consider an EV vehicle for decades. You can not flip a switch and go EV. There has to be another answer. I would by a hybrid. Toyota has proven it’s possible and reliable!

  • Doug B says:

    I love F150’s.,Silverada’s, and GMC pickups. I have a 2019 F150. I will NEVER buy an EV. I will repair mine until it falls apart and then I will buy a horse. The USA doesn’t contribute but about 15% of the carbon in the world. India and China are not going to change. Our air and water is cleaner than its been in 70 years. The Columbia River for instance has not had Salmon spawing in that river in over 70 years and it has been full of Salmon in the last couple of years. Our countries air and water are pristine. This EV crap is not American, it’s big tech bowing to a radical minority!!

  • Robert says:

    I notice the article never mentions price , go back to journalism school dude, who, what, where, why, or how.

  • RoyalePayne says:

    And lithium mine for the batteries these vehicles use….have you Googled the pics. Talk about ruining the planet!

  • Gail T. says:

    Never, never never will I buy a EV!! To start with our electric grid can’t stand the pressure. It may be quick but who wants a pickup that sounds like a sewing machine!! That would suck. I trade every 3 years but will never trade for a EV!! Maybe the green new deal people can keep you in business or maybe not!!🤮

  • Howard says:

    Besides if Biden is pushing them he is lining his pockets! He may think he is invincible but he’s not going to live forever and he can’t take it with him! He a sleaze ball in my opinion

  • Garland says:

    Maybe Joe and the “green new deal squad” will keep you in business. EV’s suck along with this administration!!

  • BBA says:

    I cannot believe that this is actually happening and clueless people think that the “electric car” is the way to go to save our planet?!? First I work in the automotive field and can tell you first hand that when a battery pack goes bad in one of these “green vehicles” there is nothing simple or environmentally correct about them. The batteries are crazy expensive, the labor rates to change them out and reset are just as pricey and then there is that “disposal fee” that no one is talking about that is still in question what to do with all of these worthless batteries?? Second, the electric grid of this country could not sustain powering even 25% of the population if they decided all at once to go green with electric vehicles. 3rd the range to repowering time is a joke. There will be no long trips planned unless you have “charging time” included in your trip log. This is nothing but more government control of the people. It has NOTHING to do with being environmentally correct. Ford, GM, Toyota and others,……especially Tesla are loving the fact that the government is giving them huge piles of tax payers funny money to lead the way in making people think this is the way to “save the planet”.

  • Dave Motz says:

    Hell No! Electric cars are glorified golf carts. And golf cart are plagued with electrical problems- mainly corrosion.
    The hypocrisy is so deep! They are not green at all! Their renewable power and technology come from rare earth elements that are strip mined in Outer Mongolia, where the ecological impact is hidden from SJW’s.
    Finally all the electric vehicles in Hawaii still use diesel from because our power comes from diesel power plants! So unless you are completely disconnected from the power grid than you are still using diesel to power your electric car, that required child labor and ecological devastation to manufacture the internal parts.
    But go ahead SJW’s and continue to be more woke than the next libtard just don’t forget to use your virtual signal before driving off the cliff.

  • Bob Steeb says:

    1. Battery life sucks in winter
    2. Who wants to buy a used electric truck
    3. Time to charge sucks
    4. Need a garage to charge
    5. Speed kills battery life

  • Linda Ford says:

    Afraid there won’t be enough Power for all the cars, trucks etc.
    I stick by gas until I am forced to use electric.

  • A truck driver says:

    Like someone else said, we can’t just flip a switch to electric. It’s the numbers, population has increased way too much. I see 2 options. The slow (at least 50 years) hybrid switchover or a program so massive that no one would or could support it. If America is hell bent on getting off gasoline for green purposes, switch to propane. Electric has a good 100 years before it’s a reality.

  • Daniel Serrano says:

    When you can run 1000 miles and stop just long enough to fill a conventional gas tank, ok. But going 300 miles(?) and then charging car batteries for hours to get the bext 300 is not conducive to traveling.
    And what about the cost? Just bought new and do not want to replace it anytime soon, know what I mean?

  • JHittle says:

    I think a lot of people are getting worked up needlessly. Yes the existing power grid cannot support requirements for a mass EV fleet. But only 2% of the vehicles currently use electricity. It will be a long time before that measure gets close to 50%. Yes there are not enough charging stations to support long driving trips. Yes replacing batteries is expensive and ecologically damaging. But…you have got to start somewhere. I believe Ford is taking a big gamble on the EV market. Incentives from both manufacturers and government will be required to make EVs cheap enough for middle and lower income families to purchase. A national grid of charging stations will need to be created. But I believe EVs are a step in the right direction. I will buy one if it is financially feasible but I will also keep my gasoline powered truck until EV problems are addressed and solved. It’s the new way. I think Ford is rolling the dice and I am rooting for them.

  • Rick D says:

    Yeah, It’s the Green New Deal alright. Green in the pockets of all the Globalist’s. Remember about 20 years ago they said the Ocean levels were going to drop 12 to 24” from Global warning. Nothing Burger, never happened. Now we should stop using fossil fuel and turn the planet into a radioactive battery graveyard because of carbon emissions and there it is again, Global Warming. See any shades of GREEN in that? I think not. Want to pay twice as much in taxes to rebuild the electric infrastructure to sustain electric vehicles?? Go out and start buying these vehicles and that’s what’s coming.

  • Dave says:

    bufguns52 I wonder about a few things. How much is it going to cost at one of those electric refill stations to recharge a vehicle. Will I be able to carry my wheelchair on the back of the truck with no problems. How much will my chair effect the amount of miles I get with the wheelchair on the vehicle because it weighs 435lbs. I’m a combat disabled veteran and I have been wondering these things since they started talking about electric cars with no thought of how it will effect regular people.

  • John says:

    It’s all about the sound.

  • Audrey poor says:

    We need someone to stop everything. USA needs a leader they are using USA money

  • wayne parsons says:

    it is stupid to do electic vehicles

  • Pasquale A Silvester says:

    no way will they get me into an electric. been driving pickups since early 60’s


    Wait and see.

  • Truett Wayne Briggs says:

    Range. Range. Range. Better to use nuclear power which can generate hydrogen when not being used to feed grid. Hydrogen can power fuel cell vehicles, only emission is water. Look at Gen. IV nuclear modular as reliable to supplement unreliable wind/solar. USA cleanest CO2 emitter, using natural gas!

  • Anonymous says:

    No interest!

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