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President Trump and Ronald McDonald…



Sarah Huckabee Sanders has an interestingly difficult job; specifically, she works for a knothead. This morning, NPR reported that President Trump said, “Business spirit is the highest it's ever been, according to polls.” He continued, “If you look at the polls, (it’s) the highest it's ever been in the history of these polls.”

President Trump and his “Alternative Facts”

Since the poll for “business spirit” is an Alternative Fact, it’s clear that the president is yet again, riffing…
According to Politfact, they reached out to the beleaguered press secretary (Office bets at the Capitalist have her gone by Labor Day, you in?), for names and or organizations that conduct such polls, since in typical Cheeto Jesus fashion, he still doesn’t attend briefings and still guesses where national policy is concerned via twitter.

“Blaming the president for the economy is like blaming Ronald McDonald when you get a bad cheeseburger; neither of them run the country.” – Bobcat Goldthwait

President Trump and his "Alternative Facts" | President Trump and Ronald McDonald…

See that? How many Police Academy references are you going to hear in business pages this week? Ha!

But seriously, let’s look at what Trump’s advisors are dying to tell him, if he’d only go to briefings.

  1. Any economic recovery is still being enjoyed (if you can call it that) under the Obama plan, in effect until October of 2017. Even then, only .01% truly benefitted from the “recovery.” Wages are stagnant, unions have been all but gutted and taxes on the middle class and small business are increasing. The temporary Bush Tax Cuts Obama made permanent (only for the wealthy and still, he was going to cut Medicare and Social Security to do it, until the GOP blocked him) have no real effect except on freeing up more cash to hire workers, hence low unemployment numbers. No one on the left likes to get into what sectors those jobs are increasing in…
  2. The Business Roundtable, a group of corporate CEOs, has released a CEO Economic Outlook Survey on a quarterly basis since the fourth quarter of 2002. The survey is “designed to provide a picture of the future direction of the U.S. economy by asking CEOs to report their company’s sales expectations and plans for Capex (Capital Expenditure) spending and hiring in the next six months,” according to the group. Their index is showing a high at 93.9. However, it’s been higher in the last 16 quarters (roughly 29%) of the quarters since the survey began. Still, not, “The highest it’s ever been,” according to Trump.
  3. The Institute for Supply Management surveys purchasing executives at some 300 companies on a monthly basis. June of this year has shown 57.8, which was up 2.9 points since May. However, you don’t have to look too far in the past for a number higher than June’s; in August 2014, the measurement registered 57.9 percent. Neener, neener…

Here's a video from PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP NEWS & LIVE SPEECH 2017 about American Jobs:

So that’s the short version for now. Keep your eye on the credit grabbing done by this administration. Let’s face it; they’re all full of it, it’s just the last three guys were so much better at it…

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  • Peter Crumley says:

    Thank you for presenting the facts. Please refrain from misuse of the Holy Name of Jesus.

  • HoneyNana says:

    Since the poll for “business spirit” is an Alternative Fact……..
    Are you denying that businesses and the economy is booming now or are you trying to say it’s booming not because of President Trump rather it’s Obama’s doing? Either way, I believe you are wrong. Give credit where credit is due. Fact is that under President Trump businesses feel more confident when strangulating regulations are lifted. Great things are happening in the business world because of President Trump’s promises to promote America first and bringing back manufacturing jobs back to the USA. You could also look at the stock market and how high it’s been lately to see the “business spirit” confidence. Again, give credit where credit is due.
    Your bias is showing.

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