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GOP Divided if Trump Should Concede Right Now



Protesters with signs at Defend Democracy March after Biden announced as President Elect-Trump Should Concede-ss-featured

As the count continues, the GOP remains divided as some think that President Donald Trump should concede at this time. Others think that the President is right to exhaust all legal remedies. Only then can he make the decision to call it in. Either way, the transition team can wait. The Republican Party seems divided on what to do next. 

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As of Monday, the President has yet to concede the elections to his rival, Democrat Joe Biden. His inner circle continues to suggest possible moves to challenge the election count. The team, led by his personal lawyer Rudy Guiliani, will include a request to recount votes in Georgia. The campaign earlier said that Georgia Rep. Doug Collins will lead the state’s recount team.

Republican Leaders Yet to Acknowledge Their Loss

After major news outlets called in Biden’s win, Trump didn’t take the news sitting down. Last weekend, he said in a statement that “The simple fact is this election is far from over.” He added that he “will not rest until the American people have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands.”

Save for a few senior members of the party, GOP leaders have yet to acknowledge losing the elections. Senator Mitch McConnell and other key GOP leaders remain very careful in what to say in public. They do not give direct support to Trump’s claims of election fraud. At the same time, they have supported Trump's decision to file any cases to support his claims.

Senior Republicans Already Congratulated Biden

While Trump refuses to concede, former President George W. Bush went and did so. Last Sunday, he became the most prominent Republican to do so. Bush thanked him “for the patriotic message he delivered last night.” He also congratulated presumptive Vice President Kamala Harris. Still, Bush said that Trump had “the right to request recounts and pursue legal challenges.”

Other well-known Republicans also congratulated Biden. This includes Utah Senator Mitt Romney, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The latter said on ABC that the GOP has yet to acknowledge the Democratic party's victory. He said the delay is because “of the president’s behavior” and advised Trump to concede.

Allegations of Widespread Fraud

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota called out Democrats and the media during ABC's “This Week.”  She claimed “computer glitches” and “dead people voting in Pennsylvania” as examples. “When you break the process on which we elect our leaders, you will break America forever,” the Governor said.

Mr. Christie said he delivered a message for Trump asking for evidence to help back him. It said: “If your basis for not conceding is that there was voter fraud, then show us. Show us. Because if you can’t show us, we can’t do this. We can’t back you blindly without evidence.”

‘Exceedingly Careful'

Senator Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) is part of the team planning for the inauguration. Blunt’s wordings are carefully chosen to reflect the Republican view. Whenever he mentions Biden, he would say “former vice president” and not “president-elect.” Blunt also said that preparations are ongoing for the inauguration. This is so that “that the person who is sworn in on an inaugural day sees it as a great day.”

Blunt is the most senior Republican to suggest that the Democrats have won. He also suggested that by this time, delays are pointless. The chairman of the Senate Rules Committee said on ABC that it’s about time. “It’s time for the president’s lawyers to present the facts, and it’s time for those facts to speak for themselves,” he said. “It seems unlikely that any changes could be big enough to make a difference, but this is a close election, and we need to acknowledge that.” He added: “I look forward to the president dealing with this however he needs to deal with it.”

‘He Will Concede Gracefully'

Former chief of staff Mick Mulvaney opined in the Wall Street Journal that Trump needs time.  He said that if Trump loses, he will “concede gracefully.” Until then, the President will “fight hard and make sure the results are fair, and in the end, he’ll accept the results whatever it is.”

Mulvaney wrote: “The president will fight like a gladiator until the election is conclusively determined, and Joe Biden would do the same—not only because it’s their nature, but also because there is so much at stake. More than 150 million Americans registered their preference for the outcome of the election, and all of them are counting on ‘their’ man to do everything he legally can to prevail. Neither candidate is going to throw his hands up before the process is complete and say ‘Oh, well, I tried.’”

Caught between the election and their guy are the Republicans. Some think Trump should concede, while others want the process laid out to remove any doubts about who won. There is no wrong answer. If America can wait, the rest of the world should do.

Watch this as ABC News reports that President Trump refuses to concede:

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Given the highly charged elections, do you agree that it’s time to acknowledge the winner and get on with our lives? Or do you agree with the President that an honest vote count should continue? Let us know what you think about this situation by sharing your comments below.



  • Marty says:

    Here is how I anticipate this will go with a huge lesson on the US Constitution for the whole world to enjoy. 1) PA won via Supreme Court decision (left goes nuts)
    2) Trump gets enough Electoral votes from some combination of recounts in NV, AZ, GA, MI, WI to win (left amps up its dangerous lunacy)
    3) the focus of the world then shifts to NC with intense fighting such no electoral votes are possible by 12/14/20 (left goes even nuttier)
    4) the new House votes Trump as President (Senate votes for Harris as VP to appease the mob and Trump hires Pence as an advisor and relegates Harris to the basement)
    5) Trump is inaugurated on Jan 20, 2021 with nationwide riots (Trump clamps down with national guard)
    The beauty of the US Constitution is it was written by brilliant men for all people to understand.

  • Peter says:

    No this fight is not over. They stole this election with fraud . Trump needs to uncover this. Remember Bush and Gore that got reversed in December. Let it play out!

  • Anonymous says:

    President Trump wanted to drain the swamp! This he has to go through for us,so we can all see how corrupt the people against him and US have become! I’ve lost a lot of elections(picked loser) but never had one stolen by faulty computer program and illegal voter fraud, if you wanted to help people vote due to corona,you give extra time before or after election BUT NOT BOTH!,

  • Anonymous says:

    Yea i believe in my heart and everything I’ve seen and hear ,thats why the democrats push for mail in voting so they rig the election. How can twice as many people vote than are registered in the one county in Wi. How can dead people vote ????

  • Shirley Johnson says:

    This election was so rigged…. dead people voting… how can113 percent vote in one state??? Why wasn’t it done electronically like it’s always been?? Why were so many extra boxes brought in?? Why were Republicans not allowed to watch counting??? And how about that hammer or checker board thing the military said Obama used for his election and still had for Biden’s??? I think they just need to stop all this crap and do the one point for each winning state they get and declare the winner…. shouldn’t be this dang hard!!!!! Biden couldn’t even remember what to say on stage or no what he was doing… his wife had to tell him then tell him to get off the stage…plus he’s asking people how to do things and getting advice.. he’s not fit to run the United States ….

    I hate to think where we will end up with a man with Dementia running our Country…….

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a friend that told me he has some democrat friends that received 3 mail in ballots.
    That is truly corruption!

  • james mccarthy says:

    This election should be carefully looked at.. This way of voting is unprecedented.. I received at least 4 ballots myself.. I never requested one.. I know someone who’s mother { who passed away 4 years ago ], that she received 5 ballots.. And all the other stories I have been reading about.. The count should have been stopped.. I think the President has a valid point.. I agree with President Trump.

  • Kathy Litt says:

    I have never seen such corruption! This was a disgrace. Free ballots every where for any one to fill out. Then vote again in person? Really no ID required? What happened to this country? An embarrassing shit show! And that old Pelosi is the most corrupt POS wasted our money for the past 4 Years. She needs to go. Trump is the only one who has the American people’s best interest at heart. He’s a brilliant business man not a corrupt politician that’s why democrats don’t like him. He’s HAS done more in 31/2 Years than grandpa joe has done his whole career! God help America and what it’s becoming. Very scary

  • Anonymous says:

    There are major allegations of fraud that need to be investigated. Dead people voting, computer flipping votes, chain of custody, ballot harvesting. This looks like systemic voter fraud all over the country, major corruption! We need to let the process and investigation play out and COUNT LEGAL VOTES! I agree with President Trump.

  • Anonymous says:

    I worked the election there is no way anyone got 3 mail in Ballots stop spreading lies and propaganda that you don’t know to be true.You were lucky if you got one mail in Ballot if you got that many tell me the requirements to get one!!

    • Kathleen says:

      I was an election poll worker in PA. We had people come into vote in person that brought mail in ballots with them to turn into us and said they never requested them. This is just one precinct in Washington County, PA so it did happen

  • Bill says:

    Failure to do everything possible to remedy the 2020 vote will only make it worse in 2024 and beyond. The Democrats are corrupt and we have known this for decades but this election is so corrupt it will destroy the voters belief that elections are fair, resulting n lower voter turnout and less respect for politicians.and the laws they make. i for one have no respect for Biden or Harris and any law put through under this admin that infringes on my Constitutional rights will be rejected, and eill be met with resistance.

  • Oscar Pearson says:

    Every so-called Republican that stands against Trump needs to switch parties. RINO’s are not wanted in this party.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes let him continue they wasted 4yrs trying to impeach him and spent all that time doing nothing for Americans. Let him waste some tax payers money to prove they cheated. Besides Politicians don’t care about America anymore they only care about themselves.

  • Anonymous says:

    President Trump must do everything possible to get accurate ballot counts. We know two states that had software cliches causing incorrect results and they had to start the counting over. He owes it to the people that voted for him. As for the Republicans senators that are quick to bow to Biden, we won’t forget you come the next election.

  • Gina says:

    The corruption and cheating is plain as day we must continue the fight if not our country is doomed.

  • Eugene W. says:

    Seems the people wish Trump should remain President for the next 4 years. Seems also that the democrats don’t like him because he interrupted their money train. Joe Biden and his son Hunter may be classic examples of that. Perhaps there is validity to this voter fraud thing. Be not wise in your own eyes. Fear the Lord, and depart from evil. Proverbs 3 : 7. Pray and investigate. Think things through. Speak up like Trump does. Almighty God is ultimately in control, no matter what any human may tell you.

  • Missy C. says:

    Well, I am flying my flag at 1/2 mask. And will hang my head in shame. BECAUSE I AM ASHAMED OF AMERICA!!!

  • Lizzy says:

    I just hope President Trump keep fighting till the truth comes out about the corruption of the Democrats and fraud Ellection .. !! I am hanging my head in shame as well , because

  • Anonymous says:

    I absolutely agree with our President! I never even received my mail in but I bet I could guess who did!

  • TheTruthBurns says:

    When even Democrats are saying this is BS then YOU Know that those Honest people are Shocked & Heartbroken because they now KNOW that the ENTIRE System is a FRAUD just like we’ve KNOWN for YEARS! Maybe Good Honest Democrats will Change because I know Trump Supporters are Ready for Action & Push us just a little More then you will See What REAL Trouble is. But you still Gotta PRAY with a Loaded SHOTGUN! Cheers!

  • Anonymous says:

    All you people need to get a life because you have no clue what you are saying your just all supporters of Trump and he is the only one robbing you and you don’t even see it .wake up there was no fraud he lost that’s it .The only reason he didn’t want mail voting is because i couldn’t get help from Russia like he got 4 years ago…….think about it…

  • Anonymous says:

    Where is your proof of Russia interference? Sheep listening to the Democrat owned media! Learn to think for yourself for a change. If you think politicians have your best interest in mind your a bigger fool than you shown in your comment. They will sacrifice you in a heartbeat to save their own skins. How do they become so wealthy in service to the public? Look up Jekyll Island and the creation of the federal reserve, you may find your answer to political wealth as well as Lincoln’s assassination. Educate yourself!!!

  • kathy says:

    I think since there were so many various ways voting was done corruptly they should throw the 11/3 votes in the trash and let us re-vote under watchful eyes and in person without the mail ins so everyone who votes has to show their ID to prove who they are before they cast a vote. If Trump had won that’s exactly what the Dems would’ve had done under the circumstances

  • Ali says:

    Fraud is written all over this, we all see it, some people bury their heads in the sand because they are spineless. We want a true count.

  • Kim Teague says:

    We DEFINITELY want you to stick with it for AT LEAST 35 days as AL “THE LOSER” GORE did in 2000. If The Republicans fold, as they USE to normally do, SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE CONSTITUTION as you are SUPPOSED to. GROW A SPINE and just do the RIGHT THING, Otherwise AMERICA is LOST. TOO MANY AMERICANS HAVE SPILLED TOO MUCH BLOOD and Given their LIVES defending this country, and the REST of world as far as that goes. NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER GIVE UP! AMERICA IS WORTH THE FIGHT!!!

  • 1brich2 says:

    you’re all a bunch of goddamn idiots! its people like you who make people abroad think that we’re all a bunch of old white redneck out of touch retards! you need to die and make room for a younger generation, you are the cancer of the past!

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