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Canada Arrests Truckers, Reopens Vital US-Canada Border Bridge



Canadian police cleared the trucker blockade at a bridge on the US-Canada border. This clears the way for the two countries to resume trade routes disrupted by a three-week trucker protest.

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Canadian Police Cleared Freedom Convoy Blockade

Freedom Convoy 2022. Truckers and supporters protest mandatory vaccinations in Canada | Truckers In Canada Standing Up For Freedom!!

Last Sunday night, Canadian police began clearing the “Freedom Convoy” consisting of trucks blocking major roads in Ontario. The blockade included the Ambassador bridge, a vital Bridgeway that lies at the US-Canada border. The bridge serves as the busiest trade route between the state of Michigan, USA, and Ontario, Canada. For nearly three weeks, truckers from all over Canada drove their vehicles to the capital and occupied the roads. In fact, Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra tweeted his thanks to the country’s law enforcement unit.

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Through their efforts along with government officials, the six-day blockade of the Ambassador bridge ended. By reopening the route between Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan, disrupted supply chains can now resume their businesses. This will help free up millions of dollars in trade between the two countries.  On the other side, Detroit International Bridge Co issued a statement. It said that the Ambassador Bridge is now fully open. The free flow of commerce between the US and Canadian economies can now continue. 

Trucker Protest Created A Worldwide Movement

While the police managed to clear the US-Canada trade route, the effect of the Freedom Convoy continues to resonate worldwide. The protests originated from opposition to Canada’s vaccine mandates. The convoy started as a fleet of trucks that parked on Parliament grounds. It then grew to a larger movement that occupied the Capitol for nearly three weeks. Now, demonstrators from New Zealand, the US, and other European capitals are now planning their own trucker convoy. 

However, the demonstrators didn’t enjoy unanimous support. Ottawa residents, fed up with traffic, noise, and garbage, began taking matters into their own hands. Along with local governments, residents began going after the protesters. In addition, Ottawa’s mayor brokered a deal with the demonstrators to adopt a less-disruptive form of protest. 

Police Action Taken By Canadian Officials

Sunday’s police effort to break up the protests at the US-Canada border was the most decisive action taken by the country’s law enforcement unit. As the truckers continue to paralyze the capital, officials are putting pressure on the police to do something.  

Outside of the US-Canada border, Freedom Convoy protesters continue to occupy the Canadian capital. Despite the threat of fines, prison, and loss of licenses, many truckers remained steadfast in staying at their posts. Even with declarations of states of emergency, the demonstrators held dance parties, lit illegal fireworks, and passed around alcoholic drinks. 

Residents Need Relief From Trucker Protest 

Meanwhile, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said that city residents need help badly. They “need a reprieve from the horror and the hell that they’ve been through over the course of the last coming up to three weeks”. He said this includes incessant horn-honking, catcalling, and “diesel-spewing” all night.  In addition, Watson promised that the truckers will not receive any special treatment. They will all need to pay any fines or tickets they received during their protests. In addition, the city released a statement advising residents to avoid non-essential travel downtown. In fact, many public facilities remain closed due to the protests.

Watch the Global News video reporting that Canadian police clear protest at Ambassador bridge, make arrests

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