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World’s Ten Most Uninviting Travel Destinations



World’s Ten Most Uninviting Travel Destinations

We live in a world full of uncertainty and conspiracy. A significant percentage of us usually love going to various places, whether for vacation or just leisure, but we barely take the time to reflect where precisely the money that we spend while on our adventure ends up.

Does it bring a positive impact to the localities that we visit? Is it a total menace all together that befalls the place after we have packed our bags back home?

Most importantly, will the impact that we leave in our wake have a temporary or a lasting effect? Such questions and more are bound to pop, and such here is a compiled list of the top ten travel destinations that raises people’s eyebrows and raise alarming questions pertaining vacationing moral codes.


It’s a fact known to many that merely six decades ago, Cuba was a favorite landing zone for most Americans.  And now, 57 years down the line it’s a whole different story.

Treasured travelers to this blessed land made Havana their local paradise for its beautiful casinos and arousing nightclubs and joints under the Batista rule.

Things didn’t stay like that for long, though. When Fidel Castro came into power with the Revolution that took place in 1959, the aftermath wasn’t as appetizing as a series of events were witnessed which destroyed the relation with the United States.

The events under discussion were:

  • Nationalization of the American-owned companies
  • The mishandled invasion at Cuba south coasts Bay of Pigs in 1961 and
  • The 1962 13-day Cuban Missile Crisis.

An official ban on travel and trade activities was set under the regime of President Eisenhower which rendered Cuba an off limit state to the Americans despite its proximity to the coast of Florida.

Although President Obama took a big step in the year 2014 to normalize diplomatic relations, still Americans need permissions with evidence of either educational or professional research attachments to their visits.

North Korea

For North Korea, things are much more complicated where the state of engaging or simply isolate is self-evident.

This state of North Korea leaves millions in a dilemma whether to identify with the North Koreans or to simply walk away from them and the treacherous reign of Kim Jong-un as a whole.

Fun enough, a study carried out by the Guardian newspaper revealed that many defectors have their minds not so made up when it comes to the subject pertaining paying a visit to North Korea.

A certain percentage depicts that travelers from the western countries are puppets of the government.

They perfectly spread propaganda and ideally legitimize the reign with the dictatorship being funded by the tourists’ money while others give the notion that North Korea Nationals have a better perception of the fellows from the west and defy the government propaganda that depicts them as corrupt capitalist.

At this rate, a shining light can be seen from a far where the tyranny rule will come to halt one of these beautiful days.

Andaman Islands

These unique parts of India in the Bay of Bengal are an awesome host to numerous tribal groups with a minimal association with the modern world.

As it ought to be under the Indian law, complete privacy and seclusion of these groups is a no-debate issue and are covered by the Scheduled Tribe acts and Scheduled Castes that bans and bars any form of humiliation or harassment of indigenous humans.

However, everything changed with the tyranny of tribesmen into performing for the westerners.


It’s so spellbinding when the avenue to tour mother Russia presents itself but also, the price to be paid regarding abuses to human rights and the likes isn’t so low.

Europe witnessed a notable decrement of twenty-five percent of travelers just in the year 2014  as a result of the occupation of the Ukraine by Russia and the saga over the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Mind you; there was no account for $30 billion just like that. State-orchestrated killings of political rivals, murders of journalists and writers are some of the other alleged human rights abuses.

 Sri Lanka

All that glitters is not gold. As is the case when it comes to Sri Lanka where; despite the beautiful beaches and alluring mango groves, the vicious civil war came to an end only seven years ago.

Not so pleasing to hear, the driving force for the ferocious violation of human rights was the government.

Even then since, 2009 that is, cooperation with the UNHRC has not been that good. Worse, the very same sanguinary leaders are the owners of the fabulous hotels and resorts that travelers favor.


For the better of its post-independence history, Myanmar has been governed by a military cabal which paid no respect to the rights of humans at all.

The perception of the NLD, spearheaded by Aung San Suu Kyi over the army rule made sure that no travelers visited the country as any income generated from the activity would just fund the tyranny of the cabal.

Democratic reforms are now in progress, but so many iron-fisted policies are still in practice.


The controversy in these incredible mountains comes as a result of the Chinese occupation of the region. Due to this, protests have surpassed from the nuns and monks who stand against the destruction of the ancient Buddhist culture and traditions of the mesmerizing Tibet.

Shocking enough, Chinese prohibited the Human rights activists from the area, who now run most of the businesses in Tibet.

One must abide by the terms and conditions of the Chinese when touring Tibet and even then, you cannot be entirely sure that your escapade to Tibet will profit the locals.


Most of the world’s attention has been shifting to the sevens Emirates due to the flourishing economic conditions favored by the ample oil reserves and great sporting arenas.

Visitors from all over the universe populate the Emirates where approximately 14 million guests paid a visit to Dubai alone in 2014 but still, the governing of Emirates has some crucial alarming issues.

According to Human Rights Watch, discrimination against homosexuals, women, and political dissenters are high up on the list of the tyrannies of the United Arab Emirates.


India is a country with its set of captivating features and worth-watching attraction sites but the alleged slum tourism, as the ‘digital generation’ refers to it has seen guests from different area flood the region.

With the release of the big screen award winning movie, The Slumdog Millionaire, many people have made it a must-do wish to pay these slums where more than one million live a visit.

Dharavi produces commodities of above $1 billion in value though critics argue that the height of exploitation of poverty for entrainment vendetta is at its peak.


For this cold yet lavishing country, the figures for tourist travelers have been on the rising trend for decades now.

The tourist season lasts for about five months between the months of November and March after which weather conditions make the area inaccessible.

Most of its visitors, however, are from the United States, Australia, and Germany and indulge in a series of skiing and Icelandic activities.

These activities, though, have been linked to some adverse impacts on the area like spillage of oil from ships, erosion of ice, scaring away of wildlife and endangerment of the thriving and existence of native wildlife.

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