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Russian Elites Plan To Overthrow Putin, Restore Ties With West



Demonstration against Russia war in Ukraine. Stop Putin, stop war | Russian Elites Plan To Overthrow Putin, Restore Ties With West | featured

Russian elites are allegedly plotting to overthrow Russian President Vladimir Putin and reconnect with the West. According to Ukrainian intelligence, wealthy Russians are intent on ending the war and restoring economic ties with the West.

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Overthrow Putin At All Costs

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In a Facebook post from the Ministry of Defense in Ukraine, claims that Russia’s elite is now considering to overthrow Putin. The Chief Directorate of Intelligence said that all bets are on. “Poisoning, sudden illness, accident – Russia’s elite is considering removing Putin,” the post wrote. 

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The ministry claimed that a group of Russia’s most influential elites is now developing plans to overthrow Putin. The sooner they get the Russian president out of power, the sooner they can restore economic ties with the West. Otherwise, the war with Ukraine will continue to destroy Russia’s chances of getting back. 

FSS Director Alexander Bortnikov To Replace Putin

The Ukraine intel also alleges that the Russian elites already identified Putin’s successor. Alexander Bortnikov, the Director of the Federal Security Service is also a member of the President’s inner circle.

The group is eyeing him to eventually act as Russia’s leader once the group manages to overthrow Putin. 

The group said that earlier, Putin and Bortnikov are presently at odds. Putin allegedly blamed the FSS director for “fatal miscalculations” that dragged the war in Ukraine. 

The Directorate said that Bortnikov’s FSS was in charge of analyzing the Ukrainian Army’s capacity. They are also charged with gauging the Ukrainians’ mood on the invasion. 

Plot to Overthrow Putin Came From Russian Sources

The Directorate claimed that the information came from Russian sources. These sources are now “considering various options for removing Putin from power”.

In fact, this includes a potential assassination attempt on the Russian President. In addition to overthrowing Putin, the new leadership may also attempt to establish cooperation with Ukrainian authorities. 

It’s no secret that Russia’s economy is in far worse shape compared to the time before it invaded Ukraine. A host of economic sanctions strangled the Russian economy.

It also froze bank accounts and seized the assets of many of Russia’s elites. In addition, the sanctions are also putting additional massive pressure on Putin.

The President miscalculated the resistance efforts of the Ukrainians. Instead of conquering the country within a few days, the conflict is now on its fourth week with no end in sight.

Meanwhile, Russian elites remain frustrated as their assets stashed all over the world are being seized by Western countries. Many oligarchs are now back in Russia or sheltering in friendly nations. 

US Senator Called Out For Publicly Calling For Putin’s Assassination

The idea to overthrow Putin isn’t a Russian exclusive. US Senator Lindsey Graham received criticism earlier this March for calling for Putin’s assassination to stop the war.

The Senator warned Russians to stop sticking with the dictator. “If [Putin] continues to be their leader, then he’s going to make you complicit with war crimes,” he said. 

Graham warned Russians that they’re “a good people,” but said if they continue to support Putin, they’ll run into problems. “You’ll never have a future, you’ll be isolated from the world, and you’ll live in abject poverty.

“So I’m hoping somebody in Russia will understand that he’s destroying Russia,” Graham said. ”And you need to take this guy out by any means possible,” he added. 

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Do you support any efforts to overthrow Putin? Why or why not? Also, will the singular act of removing one man from position be enough to help the rest of his countrymen?

Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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